Friday, 2 September 2011


No, don't worry, this isn't my Sinatra bit.

I've just read all the comments that have been left after last night's post. I couldn't let it go without saying thank you to all. It really is very much appreciated.

Now it really is emotional...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's been emotional.

Some time ago Alan, whose comments have always been perceptive, to the point, and unerringly accurate, said that I changed my mind so much, I would make a darned good woman. He was right. Not that I am a woman. No. I'm not. The other bit about changing my mind. That's where he got it right. Today though, I have made a really difficult decision but one that I have to stick with. This is to be the last TPI blog post.

One of my faults is that I tend to think I can manage when quite clearly I cannot. I have recently realised that I just can't do a full time job, be a Dad, do all the gambling, keep all the records up to date, learn and trade the tennis in the evenings, and write a blog. Something has to give, especially with a lot of football betting that is going to very soon be added to the mix. I did seriously consider getting rid of Helen and the kids, but to be honest when I made the suggestion the tantrums were something to behold and in the end I was weak and gave in. So they stay.

The tennis trading has got off to a decent start. A huge part of that I'm sure is beginner's luck, but enough has happened already to make me think that I want to give it everything I can - to concentrate on it fully and try and make some real progress. It may be a pipedream, but if I can make that work, it provides options that I would love to be able to choose from. Ultimately, I can see my generating an income from that. I can't from blogging, so I'm going to do the Samir Nasri thing and go the way of the money.

What finally made my mind up was the error in the figures that a good friend of mine pointed out; what I referred to yesterday. It related to the month's figures for ProBandit, but after doing a full audit of all the bets I placed in the month, I found that my mistakes affected other services too. I very rarely made such mistakes. I don't think it is any coincidence that they started to creep in when I started trying to do too much. What is not fair though, is my blogging about services, putting performance levels out in the public domain, without being accurate. The whole episode shook was simply not good enough. We're not talking about massive errors, but a bit here and a bit there. Those bits are too much though, if what you are saying about a service is not accurate.

It's only been nine months or so, but in that time this blog has been great fun to be involved with. Some of the issues that were discussed I found really interesting. What made them so were the comments that were left. Alan, Andy, Skeeve, Matt at Football Elite, Peter of Chasemaster, Graeme at TFA, Banaz, Sam at TME and JP amongst many others all added massively to the enjoyment I have found in writing TPI. I only ever had one daft comment left; one that had a go at me for not wanting Spurs to do well in Europe. I mean. Really. What did they expect?

Best of luck to everyone with their betting. I'll see a lot of you in various forums of course. Let's not be strangers.

There's one more thing. It's been emotional.