Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Portfolio Investor has moved!

Following a permanent transfer for an undisclosed fee (I wish), The Portfolio Investor has transferred to

Please go to, click on 'Community' on the left hand side of the page, and then on the blue graph icon. That will take you to the list of my most recent blog posts.

Of course, you can then always "Favourite" my page, or sign up to GallopsLive (for free) and "Follow" me.

Go on. You know it makes sense. He who dares, wins.

See you the other side... :)

PS. This time next year, we'll be millionaires.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Good to be back, but don't settle in.

Well, well, well. When I signed off back in May, I do believe I asked for a scorching summer, more in hope than expectation, obviously. And what do you know!?! The back lawn looks like a scene from Lawrence Of Arabia, I'm sick to death of burnt meat and BBQ lighter fuel that doesn't light, and Christ it's been hot in the un-air conditioned office at work! Rain is what we need. Rain and more rain I tell you. And then snow.

Enough of all that. What's been happening with the gambling?

Here are the figures for June and July...

June: Horse Racing ROI 16.6%, Sports Betting ROI -6.95%, Total ROI -0.78%.
July: Horse Racing ROI 7.37%, Sports Betting ROI 6.91%, Total ROI 7.09%.

I'm not going to go into great detail just now but I've simply got to mention the performance of On The Nose which has had quite the outstanding July. 46 points profit at an ROI of 163% (and an ROC of 46%) is stupendously good tipping! Winners have come in at 33/1, 18/1, and the month was rounded off beautifully yesterday in the Galway Plate. Not only was the winner found (Carlingford Lough - 6.2/1 on Betfair), but a second selection, given each way, finished second (Quantitiveeasing - 33/1)! I'm not being greedy - well, perhaps just a little bit - but it's a shame the positions weren't reversed. I got 63/1 on the win part of the the Quantitativeeasing bet on Betfair.

In all honesty, June didn't really constitute a "proper" month. I was away on holiday for a fortnight and to be completely honest with you I placed bets when I fancied it, which whilst down by the sea in nice weather, wasn't that often. As for July, I'm delighted with the final figures as after the first two weeks, I'd tumbled to the bottom of a rather severe drawdown from where the break even level looked ridiculously far away. and yet, just two weeks later, I can announce a solid enough, if not spectacular profit.

Right. What next for the TPI blog? Well, I've an announcement to make. This will be the last TPI blog post on Blogger. Yep, we're moving. We're trading a first buyer's one-bedroom flat to a spacious 4-bed detached in the nice side of

I'll stick up a link to the new place so it's easy to find, but it really is worth joining GallopsLive anyway. Certainly if you're interested in horse racing as there's some really good writing on there. So, a professional and polished site, chocablock with good, insightful writing, and then there's me! They must be mad.

Please do make the effort though. The portfolio has changed somewhat since I was last here, and it's now all geared up for the new football season. I'll be going through the changes and analysing each service in turn, and this year I'm going to keep a running score of the portfolio performance all the way through to next summer. There's some interesting services in there now, so from tomorrow, go take a read.

Here's the link!/blog/1385-where-the-feck-am-i/

See you on the other side.