Monday, 20 June 2011

Chasing the big one.

I must say, I'm quite pleased that Royal Ascot is over. Don't get me wrong, the spectacle is great (and I'm referring to the racing action here, not all the fashion bollocks) and I do thoroughly enjoy watching the sport. I spent Saturday afternoon round at a mate's with a beer, a Racing Post, and the racing on - heaven!

No. The reason I'm relieved it's over is that like the other big racing festivals, the tipsters are understandably geared up to the big meeting, and it is not unusual to be backing two, three, four, maybe even five or more different horses in the same race. And bearing in mind this multiplicity tends to occur most frequently in the big handicaps, the potential for everything to go wrong is high.

I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about. After Thursday, I was on somewhat of a high. 4PA had had a stormer and I'd made just short of £450 on the day. And then on Friday, in the time it took to run the 4.25, I'd given nearly half of it back.

I had £75 on Green Destiny as a 4PA tip, plus another £45 as this was ProBandit's main selection for the race - Green Destiny ran a stinker...-£120.

As a saver, 4PA also had Waydown South win only at 16/1. Waydown South finished 3rd at 20/1 - a great run, but not good enough to save another £25 from going down the drain.

Meanwhile, Northern Monkey had selected Lost In The Moment at 8/1, win only. Only a small bet (£7.50), but another £15 was added - win only - by it being ProBandit's second selection in the race. Naturally, Lost In The Moment finished 2nd. Another great run...a further £22.50 down the swanny.

Mind you, ProBandit hadn't left it there, covering another base with Spanish Duke. Unfortunately this nag finished plumb last. -£15.

Of course, I haven't yet mentioned On The Nose. Circumvent was the each way pick at a tasty 25/1. Nowhere. -£30.

So, one race, seven tips. Amongst them was the horse that finished 2nd at 8/1 and the horse that finished third at 20/1. And yet, somehow, I had done £212.50.

Now I understand that a couple of hundred quid isn't even a minor stake for the big hitters out there. But to me, it's a dent, and was particularly galling after the previous day's success. What to do about it? Nothing. It's just a part of the game that has to be lived with if using a portfolio of tipsters. And you do get the odd big wins in these sort of races which means that over time, income exceeds outgoings. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy it though, does it?

Recent Performance

Things hadn't gone that well over the last three days. Not disastrously, just a little uninspired. And then tonight, Winning Racing Tips came up with what in scientific terms is known as a 'stonker'! The month is currently running at an overall roi of 18%. Let's hope that can be maintained.

4PA has been the biggest loser after a disappointing Saturday produced a loss of 2.78 points. Perspective necessary though, as over the whole of Royal Ascot last week, they achieved an roi a shade below 30% (5.085 points) - good figures by anyone's standards.

Northern Monkey (-0.974 points) and Chasemaster (-0.25 points) have been quiet. Northern Monkey had tipped Waffle each way for the Wokingham on Saturday at 25/1, and the beast finished a neck second and with another 15 yards to run would have got up. Fine lines and all that.

ProBandit have also been quiet but found a winner today (Gracie's Games - Chepstow - 4/1) although that just gave a shade of profit (+0.19 points) when the two losers in a previous race had been accounted for. They had no bets at all over the weekend.

On The Nose had a good Saturday (+2.95pts) after giving a horse that finished in the frame in the aforementioned Wokingham (Gramercy - Ascot - 22/1) and also a winner in Ireland (Celendine - Down Royal - 6/1). No bets Sunday or today.

And finally Winning Racing Tips, which after dropping just ove half a point on Sunday, today came up with a lovely winner (Stage Attraction - Chepstow - 5/1 & 9/2). It wasn't so much the price that made it such a good bet, more the identification of real value and a subsequent relatively big stake advised. Great stuff!

So overall for the three days, a profit of a couple of quid over £200. Keeps things ticking over nicely.


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  2. Hi Roy,

    No problem at all exchanging links, but I need to know what the link is...


  3. Hi enjoy reading your blog - I've been there and got the t shirt, but how can you state that Chasemaster 'have been quiet - they are nowhere - they've had 23 consecutive losing selections!!

  4. Hi Mate,

    Yeah, Chasemaster are not on the best of runs, but they'll come good, I'm sure. It's a certainty that the chaps there are working hard to turn it around.

    What I meant by "quiet" was simply the fact that in June to date, I've only staked 3.25pts on their selections. That's down on the average, and I imagine due to the time of year.

    All the best,