Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summertime...and the living is easy.

I'm chilled, man. As is the dry cider sitting next to me, here in the garden, leaning against a tree (that's me, not the cider you understand), laptop on...well...err...lap. I have a few random thoughts I thought I'd share. Nothing structured. Nothing heavy. Just some musings.

First off, I've had some thoughts about the blog (yes, yes, again!). What might work rather well is if I try to stick up two posts each week. One on a Monday that really is simply a summary of the past week's betting activity, and then one on a Thursday if there's a suitable topic to mull over. That way we get a balance between following a portfolio accurately but avoid the trap of being a mere public record of how well or badly things are going. Of course if Arsenal don't get through their Champions League qualifier, then this will go out of the window as Thursdays will become football night. Heaven forbid this happens though, eh?

Hope everyone has had a decent weekend. The highlight of mine? Well, I have an announcement to make. I've hit the big time. I have the world at my feet. The world is my lobster (or something)! The "Head of Research/Handicapping at Timeform" now follows me on Twitter! Beat that! I imagine he's looking for tips. See how a real pro' goes about things.

Or perhaps not. What seemed to grab his attention was my reply to his tweet on Friday night. "Who are your top 3 ever Glastonbury Headliners?" he threw out to the Twitterati. I imagine he was impressed by my reply. In third place, I told him, it would have to be The Stone Roses, circa 1989. Always takes me back to my Madchester roots, a time when my jeans were baggy and I could hold more than a couple of pints. The soaring electric guitar melody of Waterfall - the very anathema to the electronic, Ecstacy-inspired dross of "dance" music - or the rousing show finale of the instrumental at the end of the truly goose-pimple inducing I Am The Resurrection. Ian, me old China, you certainly were.

Continuing the Mancunian connection, next would have to come Oasis circa 1995, I told the Head of Timesearch Form and Handicapping (by this time he must have been hanging on my every tweet!). Is there a more spinetingling moment in rock music than the introduction of the bass line in Wonderwall? Or a more thrilling adrenalin rush induced by the sneering, leering Liam Gallagher as he belts out, "Is it my imagination, Or have I finally found something worth living for?" as he launches into Cigarettes And Alcohol? More than just a lyric - the signature of a working class revolution originating from the bowels of a Burnage council estate and carried forth on the shoulders of some truly anthemic Noel-inspired tracks.

And now...dazzled by my insight and knowledge, I hit the Headtime of Reform and Handisearching with the ultimate Glastonbury headliner. Picture in your mind's eye if you will...the lights dim, a quiet descends. Hearts beat faster in anticipation of the imminent experience of a lifetime to come. The eyes of thousands of worshippers peer into the gloom, desperate for signs of the Messiah. Time stands still. And then...Boom! In an explosion of noise and cascading light, yes, yes, yes...the raw power hits the audience as Rick Astley breaks into "Never Gonna Give You Up". This my friend, is the moment when the very essence of the Universe is revealed. This is the split second in time that the ending to 2001: A Space Odyssey all makes sense.

No wonder this chap now follows me, huh?

Where was I?

Pleased to see Peter at Chasemaster state in today's email that nothing will change re. selection criteria as his service endures a bit of a poor spell. It's this sort of consistency of approach that I admire in a service. Can't be wine and roses all the time in a marriage, can it? Every relationship has it's rocky moments. Mine came when Helen said she didn't like my speciality tomato and chilli pasta sauce the very first time I ever cooked for her. Six years we'd been together at that point!


Anyway, got to go. Cider to drink. Oh, and if anyone feels inspired to follow me on Twitter, @rowanday (see what I did there with the Twitter address? Clever.) is where I'm at. #justsaying.

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