Monday, 27 June 2011

Profit for June?

It's been beautiful all day. Bright blue skies and hot sun. Until I go out for a run this evening. At 8.00 I set out, at 8.10 it's raining like there's no tomorrow and I'm wearing a white t-shirt that is perhaps a little more figure hugging than is seemly!

I'm going to make these weekly updates pretty short; just a brief overview as I don't want to fall into the trap of blogging figures and little else. I will then do a proper end of month review at the appropriate time that will break down the figures more comprehensively.

So week Tuesday 21st - Monday 27th...

A poor week. End of. It's difficult in midsummer I think, to remember that it's not really the bottom line figure that really indicates how you're doing, more the roi achieved. Without all the football betting at the moment, turnover is considerably lower than in the winter months. With this is mind, this week has seen the roi sink from around the 14% level to 7%, and that's disappointing.

I half think the weather has something to do with it. Is it a coincidence that the second half of May and first half of June saw consistent Good to Firm going and consistent profits made (although I missed a week of this period whilst on holiday)? It seems that since the weather broke halfway through Royal Ascot, winners have been a lot harder to find.

I feel a bit for Wayne at Northern Monkey. The black and white figures show a loss of 4.07pts, five points being dropped on a disastrous Saturday. The week could so easily have been very different though. There have been two very nicely priced winners at 13/1 (after a Rule 4) and one at 14/1 today, but each were essentially backed as savers in their races and carried an almost minimum stake. The strongly fancied horse today lost several lengths leaving the stalls and then made late ground but out of the money, an another close 2nd earlier in the week at 16/1 really sums up the way the cookie is currently crumbling for this service.

ProBandit has essentially stood still, dropping 0.11pts, and Chasemaster has only had two small bets which both lost (-0.5pts).

It's been a really tough week for On The Nose, dropping 7.62pts and failing to find a winner from 12 selections. A service still in profit for the month though.

The only service to turn a profit over the week has been Winning Racing Tips (+0.72pts), thanks to today's winner (Midnight Feast - Windsor - 4/1).

4PA struggled over the weekend, finishing 2.5pts down, and overlooking a basic system bet that won at 40/1 on Saturday!

From what felt like a very strong position for the month, I'm now hoping I can hang in for a profit over the next three days. Here's hoping.

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