Friday, 29 June 2012

Glory and failure.

It was the kids' school sports day today. My lad has always been rapid for his age and today he was winning everything. He won the 80m sprint by about 40m, and this against the boys in the year above him because he could almost walk against his class contemporaries and win. Seriously, he's like Road Runner when he gets going.

Which is all well and good, but it has consequences. How can I see him winning medal after bleeding medal, and then crash and burn in the Dad's race at the end? I'm telling you, the pressure is intense.

Now I like to think that for 40 years old, I'm not in bad shape. I run, play tennis, and used to be fairly sharp myself. So usually, winning the Dad's race isn't too arduous a task. Today though, was different. Today presented me with a real chance of glory. Glory however, can make men that pursue it look foolish in the extreme.

I was in lane 4 for the 80 metres. In Lane 3, was someone that I have to admit, I thought might give me a race. Ashley Young. I looked at him. He looked at me, and if I wasn't very much mistaken, I definitely caught a flicker of fear in his eyes; a recognition that he may have met his match. I, on the other hand, could only think of two things. 1. This was Arsenal vs Man United. 2. This was the country against the plonker who missed a penalty last week and saw the Italians knock us out. This was my chance to strike a blow for the long-suffering supporter, the taken-for-granted down trodden fan. I was running for England.

Suitably inspired, I was off like the crack from a pistol. I kid you not, at halfway, I was ahead. Fully focused. In the zone. Legs like pistons, head still. I swear the opening bars to the Chariots Of Fire music started up somewhere. Anyway, there was no-one in my peripheral vision other than my main foe on my immediate inside. But behind me. Not by much, but behind all the same. My concentration was such that after about 50m, I almost felt as if my feet were no longer touching the ground - I was literally running on air, flying, fuelled almost by some higher being lending support to my noble cause. A split second later this cruel illusion was shattered. Indeed, my feet were no longer touching the ground. But my arse was as I cruelly succumbed to the God of Fate. Spitting grass from my mouth, I rose again, but my foe had flown. What. A. Twat.

Later, my lad came over to console me. "Dad! Dad! You were winning! You were beating Ashley Young!", he shouted. "I know, Son," I said, "You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it".

"Yes", he said. "You are, but you were winning. To be honest though, Dad," he said, "I think Ashley Young was fairly confident of winning himself. He didn't look as if he was trying that hard when you fell".

Tell you what is bloody ironic. There we were, running side by side, and for once he didn't go down like he'd been shot with no tackle anywhere bloody near him! Instead, I did. What are the odds!?!

Gonna insist on a rematch next year, I think. I'll have him yet.

Today's Betting

Not so good.

No luck for Northern Monkey (0/3) or On The Nose (0/2). The Market Examiner had another nice winner (The Nifty Fox - Musselburgh - 8/1). Winning Racing Tips had three bets including an each way double. All essentially broke even as they placed but failed to win.

Now, I can't put the actual figures up because I've used BetButler for some bets today and they haven't updated my account as yet, so it's a bit tricky. This may become a bit of a problem. What I might do when necessary is simply add the figures in the morning to the post. Just want to make reporting as accurate as possible.

Have a great weekend folks. I'm off now to try and get over my trauma. Life is just so bloody unfair at times. :(


  1. Haha, nice use of the 'On the Waterfront' quote.

    Chin up friend, if anything Thursday's semifinal result proves that England are clearly better than Germany. ;-)


    P.S.: its a nice and sunny 32C in Toronto today.

  2. what the f**k are you doing gambling when you can afford to send your kids to the same school as Ash Young lol
    Just sell the Bentley and let half the staff go and you l be bloody rolling in it haha
    Now that i know you are a rich kid i hope all yer horses go lame pmsl

  3. Yeah, it's summer here aswell you know! Bright blue skies, balmy evenings, the gentle toll of the ancient church that overlooks the village green where fools in white are battling at the crease.

    Or alternatively, the reality that states it hasn't stopped peeing down for about two weeks, flash floods and it's about 12 degrees. Why do I live here again?

    England better than Germany? Now I know you're not being serious!


  4. Alan, Alan, Alan. If only that were true! *sigh*.

    I'd be relatively comfortable if it wasn't for that damned school. But, it's paid for with my winnings - it's why I started gambling "properly" in the first place. Couldn't afford it otherwise. I think I wrote a post on it way back but yeah, without the gambling, we'd be without the school. Simple as.

    Puts pressure on when the losing runs strike, I can tell you! :)

    There's a fair few footballers' kids there tbh. You'd be proud of me at the number of times I've been incredibly self-restrained by not taking out certain folk on the school run! A little slip of the foot on the accelerator is all it would take...

    I jest, I jest.


    1. Hmm Aye that would focus the mind kinda. it would be kind of embarrasing pulling the wee fella out of his posh school and into the local comprehensive after a bad year. From fillet steak to spam fritters in the loss of a dead heat eh

  5. Yeah, it's not quite that black and white though, Alan. What you've got to remember is that there is a block of money that is the betting bank. If it came to it, I'd stop gambling and use that money to pay the fees.

    Comprehensive is the future though. This is junior school we're talking - my eldest is nine so has another two years to go. The plan has always been to go to the local comprehensive then though. First - because of the cost issue, but secondly, because we're acutely aware that at the moment, they're both in a very closeted bubble. I/we want them to finish school at 16 or 18 a little more savvy and aware that it's a tough old world out there. The way we see it is the school they're at currently maximises their potential and makes them realise that if they work hard, they achieve results. In other words, they're learning good habits, which of course is backing up the philosophy at home. But the local Comp is fine for when the time comes.

  6. i must admit, if i could afford to send my kids to a private school i would because, although it goes against my general beliefs, i am a realist enough to see the obvious opportunities that arise if you have the correct school on your cv.
    I am a great believer however, that if a child has the talent, then he/she will succeed anyway( or should)

    Must admit, my bank is under threat also after a losing year last year, when as you may remember i happily quit gambling, only getting back into it again after 3 months of watching my unused EI subscription starting to rack up the profits. I felt i was missing an opportunity so started up again and luckily the good run continued and i won a few quid.
    I got the bug a bit again and ive done ok using Aiden Monroe and Russell Clarke but i got fed up betting every day so dropped Aiden Monroe and only doing RC as its mostly weekends only which suits.
    Joined Graeme at FI for next footie season ( looks best value service around. Not really into footie bets due to the small odds but the high churn appeals so im giving it ago.
    Similar profit to you at mo so could do with a good run, as the house could do with a facelift, and that could mean the bank gets used.
    Fingers crossed eh

    1. Yep - we could do with a good run now. Fingers crossed!