Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I know, I know...

I'm losing my marbles in my old age. I'd forgotten that I'd told Joe I was taking him to Stockport County this evening. I'm just on my way out and to be completely honest, I'm not going to be up for writing a blog post when I get back. Thing is, I've a few things I want to talk about. Fingers crossed I can start catching up tomorrow.

Monday 11th February

Just one bet, from On The Nose. It didn't win.

On The Nose: Staked 0.5pts, -0.5pts.


  1. That's now, what, twice in a week or two? You're hired as a Skeeve Picks scout for Stockport! :)

    Another fine home win for TFA 7-22, well done Graeme!

  2. Well I can tell you that County were totally crap in the first half last night!!! And Lincoln weren't much better - in fact, without exaggeration, the first half was the most incompetent 45 minutes of football I've ever seen!

    Thing is, Joe loves it (hence the reason it was twice in a couple of weeks!!!). Bloody cold, though. There's certain parts that even a hot Bovril can't reach.

    As for scouting - the young lad in centre midfield for County is a class above all the others. Jon Nolan, who started out at Everton, I think. Anyway, good player. There you go. I do more detailed player reports for a small fee.... :)

    PS. Really enjoyed the Skeeve's Mail #9 today.

  3. It surprises me ex-Stockport manager Gannon hasn't used him more - he was in the starting line-up for the last eight games (starting with December 29 - Gannon was still there obviously), but, before that, he hasn't started a game since September 8, probably due to the fact he picked up two yellows in only four minutes after replacing Sheridan in the 77th minute in a 1:2 home defeat to Woking on September 15. If my files don't lie, he wasn't injured nor sent on loan down the pyramid, so I guess Gannon wanted to teach him a lesson or something. As it usually goes, Gannon may have still been here if he'd recalled Nolan sooner - the guy has now scored two winning goals in the last four games.

    Thanx for the info - we'll talk more about "scouting" in private. :)