Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Candidates with experience need not apply...

Hello Chaps.

Thought for the day...in what business other than football, can someone be appointed to do a massively important job with no prior experience, and be paid millions of pounds per year to do that job?

I reckon Real Madrid looked at Barcelona, saw how a few years ago they promoted their ex-player and B team coach into the No.1 position, and then watched on with envy as he led their chief rivals to unprecedented success. I guess we'll find out if Zidane can do a Guardiola. In the meantime, I'm working on my job application for the Arsenal manager's role for when Arsene Wenger calls it a day. After all, I did coach Alderley United U10s for a season or two which comparatively speaking, makes me about as qualified as Zidane is for the Madrid job!

Monday's Betting
Just a quick summary tonight. Tomorrow will be even quicker as I've the joys of a Cricket Club Committee meeting to attend. At least it's down the pub!

I think I mentioned yesterday how December had been a fine month for PCG (NBA) and a poor one for PCG (NHL). So far this month, roles have seemingly been reversed. Two more losers in the overnight basketball means that sport is now 0/6 for 2016, whilst two excellent winners in the ice hockey (Ottawa - 2.71 and Arizona - 2.31) pushed that sport to an ROI of 20.4% since the turn of the year.

As far as the Gee Gees were concerned, only Even The Odds offered any advice, and good advice it was too. Three winners from six bets (Benenden - Musselburgh - 4.7, Cloonacoll - Ludlow - 3.25, and Ziggy's Star - Wolverhampton - 4.7) ensured a decent profit and hopefully signified the start of a strong run of form. Let's see.

Even The Odds: Staked 8pts, +4.152pts.
PCG (NBA): Staked 2pts, -2pts.
PCG (NHL): Staked 2pts, +3.02pts.

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