Sunday, 6 March 2011

I wanted to stick £100 on Fulham yesterday, and looking at the coupons 4/5 was available at Hills, Ladbrokes and Coral. I couldn't get 1.8 online anywhere, so I drove into town to place the bet in cash. Hills had shortened them into 8/13, and when I walked into the Ladbrokes opposite, they had done the same. Back to the car, a couple of miles down the road and into the nearest Coral.

Up to the counter I sauntered, and gave a cheery, "Hello." The guy behind the counter looked at me, and said nothing. Undaunted, I asked the cashier if he could check the price on Fulham for me as the other bookmakers had shortened them. "4/5", he said. "Super", said I, and filled in my coupon. "£100?", he asked. "Yes", said me (not a man of many words, this chap - he wasn't encouraging conversation!). "I'll have to make a 'phone call", he told me, in a rare verbal outpouring.

Five minutes later, and the cashier was having trouble with his 'phone. I suppose being a man of so very few words, using a gadget which involves talking probably doesn't come too easily. So, I thought I'd use the time effectively - do a little detective work as it were. I edged over to the other cashier, a young (and not unattractive) lady who I would like to think I had made a favourable impression on in the last few months, but that's probably wishful thinking on my part. I asked her why the need for a 'phone call to facilitate a £100 bet on a Premiership team at odds of 4/5. The answer was (mildly) interesting - it was because I had mentioned that other bookmakers had shortened the price. Shan't be doing that again, then. You live and learn.

Today's Action

Very quiet day's racing - only two services in action. On The Nose had one selection (Good Fella - Naas - 25/1) which finished third to provide a nice profit, which was then wiped out by PJA NH not finding a winner (and only one placed) in four.

On The Nose: Staked 1pt, +2.626pts.
PJA NH: Staked 3.25pts, -2.75pts
Financial loss on the racing of £2.48.

Football Elite. Not their best day...0/2. Better for Football Investor and Shaolin Betting which both put up Liverpool, Shaolin as DNB.

Football Elite: Staked 2pts, -2pts.
Football Investor: Staked 1pt, +2pts.
Shaolin Betting: Staked 1pt, +1.17pts.
Financial loss on the football of £111.50.

Sunday 6th March: Staked £350, -£113.98.
Week: Staked £3,572, +£220.29.
Month to date: Staked £3,442, +£199.29, roi 5.78%.

So, who's looking forward to Monday morning, then?


  1. Schoolboy error making any bookmaker aware that you are price sensitive. Did you get your bet on ok in the end?

    Coral's PTL on the Prem is only £100 for non regulars and £200 for regulars....

  2. Hi Dave,

    Yeah, they took the bet no problem in the end. What struck me as strange though is that I've had £100 on non-league and League 2 teams with them this season without them blinking an eye.

    Seems this is the weekend for errors...see above.



  3. You were lucky in some ways. My last foray into a Ladbrokes was to get the coupon price about a Scottish second division game. I handed over the filled in coupon and my £50 and was given my copy as the receipt. It was only on checking the returns as I walked out I found the price given was shorter than the coupon price by a long way. Eventually I got my £50 back but no sort of apology (as if!)

  4. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for posting.

    You know that is a scenario that has happened to me only too often. The first time I had only checked the right team was on the slip and didn't notice the difference in odds. Subsequently I always check very carefully - it amuses me that the cashier always looks at you in astonishment when you ask to void the bet!

    All the best,