Tuesday, 1 March 2011

February Football Review

Righty-ho. February's football...

Football Elite: Staked 14pts, +6.55pts, roi 46.78% (Staked 33pts, -4.281pts, roi -12.97%). From being bottom of the footballing class (well, any class, actually) in January, Football Elite made it to the top in February. I must say, I was pleased to see it perform strongly after advocating sticking with it and not altering the staking when going through that dreaful run last month. Obviously on the calendar year the service is still down, but it was interesting to note from the recent update email that the roi from the beginning of the season is just short of a very respectable 13%. It is not the 20% returns achieved in previous seasons, but nevertheless, I'd take 13% in an under par season. There is a real test for FE now though, I think. Historically, I don't see the end part of the season being particularly strong, so fingers crossed Matt can make some further profit between now and May.

Skeeve: Staked 111pts, +24.284pts, roi 21.87% (Staked 198pts, +37.144pts, roi 18.75%). Another great month for the non-league specialist. Please note though that my figures may not coincide with official figures from Skeeve himself as I include the results from the 'Late BSS' service within my results. I also account for these picks as being level staked at four points per bet which is consistent with the four points staked as standard on the main service selections. I must admit the service took a little getting used to at first and back in the autumn it was taking me much too long to get the bets on, resulting in missing prices. Now though, I have worked out my methodology, I can get on quicker, and I'm pleased with the service. It would take something pretty disastrous to happen between now and the end of the season for Skeeve not to be an important part of the portfolio next season.

Strike Zone: Staked 26pts, +1.376pts, roi 5.29% (Staked 62pts, +3.65pts, roi 5.88%). A service like Strike Zone appeals to me on a personal level because I don't like lengthy losing runs. Therefore, a high strike rate service like this one should have a little niche in my portfolio. But, and here's the thing, can I justify an roi of just over 5% in a service that has produced a win strike rate of 61.5%? The answer to that, I would think, would very much depend on personal outlook. Trouble is, I'm not sure what mine is just yet! No decision necessary until the end of the season though, so plenty of mulling time available.

The Sportsman: Staked 1.45pts, +0.065pts, roi 4.48% (Staked 3.36pts, +0.532pts, roi 15.83%). A bit of a conundrum here, too. A more than acceptable roi year to date, a nice high win ratio, but a service that is being severely understaked. The staking levels over the last couple of months does seem to be much lower than the historical average but there is a complication. The nature of the markets targeted and the bookmakers utilised (eg. BlueSquare, Skybet) means that even if I decided to up the stakes, I would face the problem of getting on. It is not unusual to have to split stakes already between different accounts so I'm not at all sure how feasible raising stakes is with The Sportsman. Another that I will have to review at the end of the season. I really hope a solution can be found.

Football Investor: Staked 69pts, -12.68pts, roi -18.37% (Staked 140pts, -6.155pts, roi -4.39%). Not much to say - poor month but not every month can be a good one. Nature of the odds played at makes losing runs inevitable. This month's performance disappointing but nothing at all to worry about. Let's see what March brings.

Shaolin Betting: Staked 15pts, -2.22pts, -14.8% (Staked 18pts, -0.455pts, roi -2.52%). A bit to think about here. More tomorrow.

Sports Investor: Staked 7pts, -2.085pts, roi -29.78% (Staked 16pts, -1.498pts, roi -9.36%). Obviously stopped following this month, but you just never know...it might yet make a comeback!

Today's Action

A very, very quiet day's racing today with only two bets. The On The Nose selection lost and Chasemaster's each way selection finished third at 5/1 to return stakes.

On The Nose: Staked 0.5pts, -0.5pts.
Chasemaster: Staked 1pt, nil returns/losses.
Financial loss on the racing of £10.

On to the football and with impeccable timing - bearing in mind the accolades for the service above - Football Elite's bet today was a loser. Better for Football Investor though (2/4) and Strike Zone (2/2) and between them they ensured a small profit.

Football Investor: Staked 4pts, +2.1pts.
Football Elite: Staked 1pt, -1pt.
Strike Zone: Staked 2pts, +1.95pts.
Financial profit on the football of £26.50.

Tuesday 1st March: Staked £330, +£16.50.
Week to date: Staked £460, +£112.50.
Month to date: Staked £330, +£16.50, roi 5%.

That's the reviews of February done - let's concentrate now on looking forward into March.

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