Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Why strike me down, Oh Mighty Zeus!?!

Those gambling gods. They're hard faced b******s! Cruel, they are. Cruel.

At lunchtime, I thought I had pleased them. You may remember that I thought that my quiet day had been granted a day early and as I was on my course today, it was likely that there would be many bets, few of which I would be able to place. But no. When I got ten minutes to myself, I discovered that only three services were playing and a mere four selections to be backed, which I was able to do quickly and easily via the amazing magical piece of kit that is the Iphone.

But then the twist of fate. The evidence that I am merely a higher being's plaything, at the mercy of the whim of the Gods. None of the buggers won. It would have been better if there were lots of selections that I couldn't get on.

Of course, you might think that this is all a bit melodramatic. Especially when I tell you it only cost me £45. Still, it's the principle of the thing...

Today's Action

Well, this bit's easy. Northern Monkey, ProBandit, and On The Nose didn't find a winner between them.

Northern Monkey: Staked 0.75pts, -0.75pts.
ProBandit: Staked 0.5pts, -0.5pts.
On The Nose: Staked: 0.5pts, -0.5pts.
Total financial loss on the racing of £45.

Accrington Stanley have played a part in my life this month, which quite frankly they have no right to play. I mean, Accrington Stanley?!? I ask you.

The Football Analyst had one bet tonight. Accrington Stanley to beat Hereford. They did.

Strike Zone had one bet tonight. Accrington Stanley to beat Hereford. They did.

Joking apart though, I have been totally ill-disciplined with the football bets this week. It has been the result of a combination of factors which include the clocks going forward, taking my children out for a bike ride when I get home from work, and being a bit of a dim wit. Anyway, I seem to have gotten away with it, but I missed the price I ought to have got on Accrington Stanley by quite some margin. Graeme at The Football Analyst tipped them when they were 1.91. I backed them at 1.75 and 1.73. Not good enough, but you will be reassured to learn that some appropriate steps have been taken....the kids are each locked into their rooms at 5.30 sharp and I've punctured the wheels on their bikes. That'll teach 'em.

The Football Analyst: Staked 1pt, +0.738pts.
Strike Zone: Staked 1pt, +0.727pts.
Total financial profit on the football of £110.22.

Wednesday 30th March: Staked £195, +£65.22.
Week to date: Staked £385, +£207.72.
Month to date: Staked £13,980, +£1,099.75, roi 7.86%.

Zeus! Pff.

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