Friday, 29 April 2011


Back in the saddle tomorrow. It promises to be a busy day, a typical Saturday.

I've been itching to get into it all again. As I said yesterday, I had had no idea that the bets were still being followed. It has taught me that it's ok to let go of the reins sometimes. That doesn't come naturally. I say I like to be in control. Others say I'm sphinctorally (?) retentive.

What has surprised me is that when I learnt that we were still betting, I really wasn't that bothered to find out how it had all been going results-wise. I was more interested in how it had all been working mechanically. Had the bets been spread around the bookies? Were BOG bookies utilised when appropriate? Were the better prices being missed significantly more than was usual?

What does this lack of curiosity over performance levels show? Possibly that I have considerable faith in the services and tipsters that I am following. Taking a step away from it all has definitely shown me that when you're putting the bets on day in and day out, it is so, so easy to become absorbed by the here and now, and more and more difficult to see the bigger picture. It's all very simple to continually bash on about how performance must be viewed over the long term, but not so easy perhaps to put that self-preaching into practice. Being away from the action for a few days has made me realise this, and that is why the performance over the last few days is to my mind, less important than knowing that in my absence things have carried on as normal in terms of the actual placing of the bets.

Last week I mentioned in a post that I intend to simplify things moving forward, and I think perhaps that I ought to explain exactly what I mean by this. When things were going badly earlier this month, I found myself wasting a lot of time and nervous energy agonising over whether or not to drop a service for poor performance. I remember I did a similar thing previously with Sports Investor, and even made the cardinal sin of finally deciding to drop it, being lured back into following for a short period, and then dropping it once and for all. What a palaver!

I also think that when things are not going well, there is a very strong temptation to start meddling and tinkering. This is not good. I am convinced that consistency is key when trying to make money from using various services. Of course, minor adjustments need to be made from time to time, perhaps with staking for example, but generally speaking, consistency of approach is king. Knowing this though doesn't diminish the desire to start changing things when results are not going your way.

So I am going to absolve myself of any responsibilities re. deciding when exactly to drop services. I am going to pass that buck onto others; those with more experience than I. I imagine you realise who and what I'm referring to. And no, not the wife. Not on this one.

Back Sunday. Have a great weekend, chaps.


  1. Hi Rowan

    Pleased to see you back....

    Regarding dropping services my blog is different to the many out there as at the moment I only follow one service all my eggs are in one basket.

    Similar to yourself I can fully understand the impact of what a poor run can do to you, you can indeed walk a lot taller when things are going well like in all things in life....

    BIG lesson learnt!!!!

    The first lesson I learned in this game was self discipline, I used to follow two services in the past and even when things where going well I would get bogged down in blogs and forums and start chasing the dream myself thinking I was the tipster....
    Sometimes it work work out and I would have dream days, longterm it effected my health, personality and family as I lived on forums and never was way from the laptop.

    Time for a break

    Eventually I knew it was time to stop and with things going bad at work, basically I lost my job, this led my into walking away from the sport I loved, to add to this the service I was also following stopped tipping finally putting the icing on the cake, the dream was over!!!!

    Starting all over

    Eventually I got back on my feet and was reinstated in my old job and
    had regular income coming back in.
    At the time I was inspired by blogs such as Dirk Diggler and JP's betting blog and enjoyed reading the adventures of these two guys trying to beat the dreaded satchel boys, my love for jumps racing never really left me for a minute.

    As time went by I had heard that the guy from my old service had started up again and I had saved up a betting bank and this time I was going to give it a go blogging and to keep my head straight keep to a betting system.


    It takes a huge amount of trust following services as there are plenty of bad boys around advertising winner after winner everyday.
    In my opinion this is where the trust comes into it's own and self belief in the tipster you are following. I am pretty bloodless minded these days when it comes to tipsters and would have to know the full history of what any new service has to offer to the point of paper trading the service for a couple of month. I am currently testing a new service that I hope to include on my blog......

    Losing runs, all part of the game? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I have experienced losing month for April for my my blog.
    This come on top of having one of the best runs I have ever had on the blog back in February where the blog hit a new all time record for me!!!

    Luckily the system so far has worked for me taking into account if I go on a losing run my daily bets get smaller and smaller.

    Does it still get to me?

    With the added pressure of me blogging my daily ramblings yes sometimes it does, luckily what it has done is improved my knowledge of this game. I now have full control of my betting strategy and have also learnt how to lose to win, I can now finally walk away from bookies, if its a losing day it's time to look forward to the next selections.....
    I still look at the next days racing and after following the same tipster for years I can now spot all the signs of a gamble not that i am suggesting I can pick a guaranteed winner, there is no such thing, horses are not machines and anything can happen before and during the races....

    Personal Bets?

    I also have the odd big bet especially when I spot one the night before and then this gets my approval from the tipsters selections the next day. This to me is a personal bet not recorded on my blog and took out of my personal cash, this is very rare maybe a few times a year, Cheltenham is a different story!!!! lol

  2. Still rambling on!!!!!!! (longest posts I have ever done, had to post in two halfs as I was only allowed 4000 chracters!

    Sorry to ramble on about me, I think you have a great blog and can relate to your very well written (unlike my blog) daily findings, I think that at the end of the day that the answer you are looking for lies with with you,hopefully with a lot of help on the way, I think my post does not help you at all, reading it it even confuses me lol!!!!

    Longterm strategy

    I often look at my tipsters facebook page and remember his service getting a hard time of some people at the start of the year.
    Obviously a few must of joined expecting to make a fortune in the first few weeks of subscription. Maybe they had gone too heavy on a max bet and done their balls in.
    Funny thing was a week later the service had a crazy winning run doing well over 140 points in a week, its a strange bloody game to say the least!!!!

    Taking risks

    In my humble opinion life is full of risks and you have to take the good with the bad, at the end of the day we are gambling and taking a risk.
    As long as you have a betting bank in place and you are prepared to lose all and follow a strategy over a period of time things usually even out.
    The lowest my betting bank got to was just below what I started with and luckily it has grown since. I think though if a service was showing losess month after month for prolonged periods its time to move on.
    In fact I have never really stopped and decided in my strategy what would I have to lose to stop and move on, hopefully that decision does not come soon!

    Having a tipster portfolio

    I suppose its different with yourself as you follow many services and have the ability to flex and play around with your hard earned and I think it is a good idea to play around with your staking if some of your services are not performing.

    It's very rare for me to reply to blogs but I will be watching closely and sure with your attitude and strategy and help from the blog community you will find the answers you are looking for...

    Good luck Rowan


  3. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post that. Many good points in there and always interesting to hear a bit about people's experiences in this game. Sounds like you went through the mill a bit but have come out the other side, which is great.

    Your point about trust in the services/tipsters is something that I think I have learned about this month. Without that trust, I just don't think it is possible to see out the rough times. There's too much temptation to start changing things that perhaps shouldn't be changed as it is, but without a level of trust in the people finding your selections? It just wouldn't work.

    Learning how to lose is a huge lesson aswell, as you suggest. I've never really been a "chaser" as it were, at least not since I was a teenager and there was a young lady I was smitten by, but that's another story! Seriously though, I know exactly what you mean when you say that you have to learn how to lose. It's a fundamental thing that needs to be mastered, I believe.

    The other point which really struck a chord with me was the way you can get sucked into forums. I think forums are generally a good thing, a source of ideas and info and access to those that you can learn from. But when times are tough, I think the forums can drag you down a little if you let them. Even if you have real resolve to see a tough patch through with a service, to read constant, daily criticism of that service by others is sure to have an impact on your mindset. There is one forum I am a member of in which I feel as if I know everybody in it, so that is a great place to let off steam, but on some of the bigger ones where there isn't the personal touch, I do think general negativity can become a problem for the individual. I might write more on this next week in the blog.

    Anyway, thanks again Dean, for the comments. Much appreciated.