Thursday, 28 April 2011

Strange goings on...

I thought I'd do a very quick post tonight, just to let folks know I've not gone away for good. I also thought I should post, because if this blog is really supposed to be a diary of events as they happen, then things should be kept up to date. And despite my break, things have been happening. To keep up to date. Oh, yes.

After I'd finished watching Lionel Messi rise above a sea of mediocrity and distance himself from the 21 big girls' blouses that happened to be on the same pitch as he last night, I came upstairs, Ovaltine in hand, to settle down with my book. There was a light on in the study (ahem, box room) and the sound of tapping keys. I had thought that Helen had gone to bed, but apparently not. I quietly walked in, peered over her shoulder. With my not being a ninja, she heard me, and quickly moved to shut down whatever was on screen. Well, this was role reversal, I thought!

Anyway, cutting to the chase, I exerted my manly dominance and forced the page back up. And there it was. Shocking! I was truly taken aback! How could she? I could never look at Helen in the same light again. Ever. Yep, my bloody spreadsheet was open. The one logging all the bets. Oh, the deception.

I might have been on a break, but it seems that Helen has not. It would appear that she has exploited the fact that the school she works at is closed this week but the school our children go to has not. While the cat has been away, she has been playing away - with the bookmakers. Perfect opportunity for her to get used to everything, she said. Bearing in mind our arrangement, she said.

Am I blessed, or cursed? I'll leave that to you to decide.

PS. Don't ask me how things have been going - I truly don't know. And her indoors has made me swear that I won't check until directly involved again in a couple of days time. The only thing I could get out of the devious cow was that we haven't lost any more than we had done, but it's still going to be a pretty bad month. Well, that's reassuring!


  1. as you will find out it has continued on as bad as it was when you stopped things are desperate for me now not sure what to do...

  2. Chasemaster has had a stonking month and I hope Helen has been with us. Bearing in mind you made her pay for the service it is only fitting she should benefit!!

  3. Hi Jason,

    Yep - I reckon so.

  4. Anon,

    It's always difficult, mate, when things are going really badly. If you've read the blog for a while you'll know that there's a chap here called Alan who simply stopped, took stock, and is going to start again refreshed on May 1st. That approach obviously works for him. Just stopping didn't and hasn't suited me so well but I'm lucky in that I have someone ready and willing to take over for a while (although I didn't know she was going to). I honestly don't know the ins and outs of what's happened, but from what she says we have made a small chunk back on what we had lost from the start of the month up until last week. I'm back involved tomorrow and of course we could lose it all again on what will be a typical busy Saturday.

    I guess a lot of making a decision boils down to whether or not you have faith in your tipsters. If not, perhaps stopping would be a serious consideration, just for a while as you take a long hard look at where things are going wrong. If you do have faith in your tipsters, I'd be more inclined to push on, provided I wasn't starting to lose money I couldn't afford to.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck.


  5. Hi Peter,

    When that message came through on my 'phone this afternoon, it didn't half make me chuckle.

    I think Helen's been following everyone to be honest.

    You must be pleased with how it's been going, not just this month, but for a while now. I know I am with your service and a couple of others, if not with the whole thing!