Saturday, 21 May 2011

Some quick thoughts on today's action...

A blank day for 4PA, dropping three points. Neither of the selections ran any sort of race. What was irksome is that one of the basic system bets, Sole Power, won at an early priced 12/1. Adding to the irk factor was Roderic O'Connor winning the Irish Guineas. This had been the service's each way advice at a fancy price for the English version before it finished almost last.

It's been a pretty flat period since the start of the year for 4PA. Today has not been the first time either that a basic system bet has been overlooked and subsequent profit missed. This isn't a criticism of 4PA. I understand judgement calls need to be made and it is inevitable that sometimes these prove to be wrong. But I also know that Kodagira was talking about following the basic system bets and I do think it is worth considering, albeit with a separate bank.
Staked 3pt, -3pts (-£150).

Reading the rationale behind Northern Monkey's selections today, I must admit I wasn't too optimistic. We were warned that there was a possibility that one of the five selections was using today's race as a "sighter", another needed to "raise his game", and a third had been "drawn wide" at Chester. My pessimism was proven to be unfounded though as Wayne produced the goods, finding a nice winner at York in Masamah (12/1) and also picking Nave each way at Goodwood (2nd at 12/1). A healthy points profit which puts Northern Monkey's month back into positive territory.
Staked 5.5pts, +4.7pts (+£94).

I thought that we were on to a winner with ProBandit's one tip today. Having backed Wooden King each way at 9/2 this morning, to see it go off at an SP of 2/1 fav was a little surprising. However it finished second and the service made a tiny loss on the day.
Staked 0.75pts, -0.037pts (-£1.50).

Like Northern Monkey, it was a busy day for On The Nose. And like Northern Monkey, it managed to find a nice winner, Our Jonathan at 6/1 (Chester), and another to place - Sutton Veny at 9s. So, like Northern Monkey, a good day.
Staked 3.5pts, +3.235pts (+£64.70).

Finally with the racing, Winning Racing Tips. I have to say, I was completely taken aback by the selection of Overdose, particularly as it was win only. In over two years of being with WRT, I can't ever remember backing a horse win only. They also had two in the 7.40 at Newbury, both of which placed. The horse that finished third (Choose The Moment) was adjudged to have dead heated for third. Looked like it pipped it to me.
Staked 1.55pts, -0.75pts (-£45).

Racing - Staked £453, -£37.80.

The only bet on the football was a Strike Zone bet (Montpellier). Got odds of 3.38 which is rather long for Strike Zone. And it lost.
Staked 1pt, -1pt (-£50).

Saturday 20th May: Staked £503, -£87.80.
Month to date: £7,141, +£525.53, roi 7.35%.

Right then. This is likely to be my last post for a while. I'm off on holiday later this week and I'm not going to be even switching my mobile on (not that you can get a reception where I'm going, anyway!) never mind placing a bet.

To be honest, I am going to think long and hard about the blog. I wanted to avoid this becoming a mere profit and loss record; to try and provide something a little different but of course, there are only so many things to write about and whilst at the moment there are areas that haven't been covered, there has to be a big question mark about there being material for the longer term future. I've also started to play tennis and cricket again, which are two sports I loved playing but gave up when I had children. Now they're a little older and playing all sorts of sports themselves, and are quite happy to spend evenings and weekends watching me - or at least coming with me and throwing/hitting/kicking a ball about themselves whilst I'm playing.

Perhaps this blogging is a winter game...

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