Monday, 26 March 2012


Very short of time tonight, so just a quick update.

Weekend's Betting

Every now and then, you hit a Saturday when everything goes right. Of course, the counter to this is that every now and then, you hit a Saturday when everything goes wrong. And this Saturday was one of those nasty ones, wiping off 40% of the total profits accrued in the month to date.

It started nicely, with Chasemaster finding a winner (Pepite Rose - Newbury - 15/8) but then it was all downhill from there. The only other "highlight" was the stakes being returned on one of Football Elite's DNB wagers.

Drawing complete blanks were 4PA (0/2), Northern Monkey (0/2), Winning Racing Tips (0/2), The Market Examiner (0/1),Skeeve (0/3 plus one other that returned stakes), and Football Elite (0/2 - including one with stakes returned as mentioned).

As for Sunday...a break even day with On The Nose finding a nice winner (Sharestan - The Curragh - 5/1), and Winning Racing Tips finding one that crossed the line first (Guess Again - Hexham - 3/1), but no joy for Northern Monkey (0/2), Chasemaster (0/1), The Market Examiner (0/2), Football Elite (0/1) or Strike Zone (homes) (0/1).

No joy today either for On The Nose (0/1), The Market Examiner (0/2), or Chasemaster (0/2).

Month to Date

Northern Monkey: Staked 24.75pts, -12.54pts, roi -50.66%
4PA: Staked 46.5pts, -6.312pts, roi -13.57%
Chasemaster: Staked 8.625pts, +2.107pts, roi 24.43%
WRT: Staked 11.3pts, +2.545pts, roi 22.52%
The Sportsman Racing: Staked 5.25pts, +1.363pts, roi 25.96%
On The Nose: Staked 24.5pts, +3.75pts, roi 15.3%
The Market Examiner: Staked 41pts, -5.245pts, roi -12.79%

TFA 7/22: Staked 14pts, +5.485pts, roi 39.17%
Skeeve: Staked 60pts, -0.63pts, roi -1.05%
Football Elite: Staked 14pts, +4.445pts, roi 31.75%
The Sportsman: Staked 0.65pts, +0.135pts, roi 20.76%
On The Oche: Staked 3pts, -0.75pts, roi -25%
Strike Zone (h): Staked 12pts, -4.3pts, -35.83%

Right, over to the tennis.


  1. Hi Rowan ,yesterday i have experienced what i call bookmaker restrictions without justification.on 2/11/2011 i have opened an acount with LadBrokes,beacuse i ve been years using hills and 365 but i though it may be useful for me.i made a deposit of 800 euros and i started placing bets average of 40 euros not often but evry week i used to place some bets on football ,horses etc...last week i have made a 200 deposit because this month was horrible for me,but that is part of the game....and stil i had no winning yesterday i have placed 5 e/w on dear maurice @25/1 still no the evening i was going to place a bet on seville and i found that i was ristricted to "o"........incredible :( .after being disapointed i was thinking are these bookmakers getting ride of "loosers" players ? boqqqq!!!

  2. I think we can agree, Fabian, that there is a word that we can use that accurately describes what the majority of bookmakers are. It's not a polite word, but I shall use it anyway...


  3. Far too polite. I often feel as though I suffer from Tourettes when I get started on the subject of those ***** ***** ******