Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mum's Sunday and all that...

....means I'm going to be out this evening and unable to post, so next update will be tomorrow.

Great to see some interesting comments left about bookie restrictions. Gives some material to get stuck into next week! :)


  1. Hi, you know people complain that the bookies are unfair cos they closed accounts, but lets face it if your bad for business your not wellcome, put yourself in there shoes, your costing them money!! if it was your business,wot would you do? i'm onto my 6th lot of accounts, still have all 6 on the go but have lost alot of different bookmaker accounts. I find the biggest bookie hate is wot they wood call stealing the price lol, you get on say 10/1 and the sp is 4/1, you do this time and time again the bookie picks up on this and long term they know that your going to come out on top so they close you down. wot can you do about this to prolong your accounts? do some mug bets trebles accums... your still get closed down in the long run, but hopfully in the meantime you would have taken a few quid off of them. you can use LOGMEIN on ipad two work your home computers when your out and about to place your bets and its free to down load. Bertie big bollocks

  2. I could forgive Bet 365 their account restictions providing they in turn promise to stop inflicting Ray Winstone on us with his 'Old aaap. The latest live odds are on your screen naaaaah! To me it says everything about the people they really want betting with them - someone with a can in their hand and £20 burning a hole in their back pocket. Still, if they get enough of them perhaps they'll be able to afford to leave the rest of us alone.

  3. Hi again Rowan. I also assume that as you've been nobbled by Bet 365 that you haven't read whatever information it was that was contained in the publication that the SBC were trying to sell on top of your subscription fees to them recently. If the SBC is as interested in helping people beat the bookies as they make out, you would think that that information would be included with the subs as it is of far greater long term value than pushing whatever tipster is currently showing decent profits - though I suppose recommending tipsters that's where the SBC's income comes from as the annual subs are cheap (I'm not a member by the way).
    There is almost no information on the subject on the internet that I can find, but I would think one way of helping would be be let the bookies them think you haven't got more than one brain cell by throwing some dumbass bets at them, the sort they advertise because they like to take; ie the odd small staked Lucky 15 or similar or first goalscorer and correct score, on the basis that if you've won some off them you can afford to let them have a bit back and protect your accounts for the longer term. They won't help you if they think it's going to be one way traffic. Another way perhaps would be not to place the betthe minute a service gives the tip out. Try half an hour later and let the bookie think it's your conclusion, not that of a paid for service. Sure you will lose a few points but not every tip wins and as long as you beat SP in the long term you will make a profit with any service worth its salt.If you try to get your bet on immediately all the time the bookies will soon suss you out as clued up, as I would imagine most of them have subscribe to the better known services themselves under an individual's name so they can be forewarned. For example, no matter how quick you are have you ever tried to bet with Paddy Power, anything tipped by the Market Examiner? Well don't waste your time because they always cut the price immediately.
    Good luck anyway - I'll be interested to read what conclusions you come to.

  4. Great blog Rowan, such a shame you have been targeted by Bet365 like this. As Skeeve says they do seem to have a scattergun approach to restrictions as some very profitable punters are seemingly able to bet without problem. Unfortunately there seems a good number of punters who show a modicum of profit and whom Bet365 refuse to do business with. They are not the only ones either - not sure if you have seen this link

    It is something we have explored via SBC in the past and as I know you are an active member, do check out the 8 articles we have about bookmakers and betting exchanges available in the betting guide section.

    In particular I would recommend the know your enemy articles by Kodagira which explore the use of VPS or proxy servers. You mentioned using your wife's account and this is certainly one way of tackling the problem. Before you do so however, I would strongly recommend you consider 'different' ways of logging in and placing bets with them. When I was a bit more green around the ears I tried accessing a 2nd Bet365 account (after my first was restricted) without following some of the help Kodagira outlined and it was linked within days.

    Also as a footnote in response to Laidback, as regards 'pushing' tipsters. I note your not a member so you may not be aware but we are independent therefore do not push tipsters onto members. As per the advice on bookmaker restrictions, we already have a whole host of advice available for free to those who join our service.

    Additionally we commissioned a very successful pro gambler to write about it in more depth, which is the higher priced product you are referring to. This expert advice came at a high cost (due to how hard it is to come by) and so we do have to pass that on to those keen to purchase this further help.