Monday, 20 August 2012

Busy weekend!

Straight into the weekend round-up tonight. Want to watch the footie.

Friday - Sunday Betting

Frenetic, is what this weekend has been. I got an email on Saturday from a friend of mine who essentially does what I do with gambling, saying he seemed to have spent all morning putting bets on. I know exactly what he meant. Still, when the results are good and money is made, it's a lot easier to just get on with it and it doesn't feel like a chore. Which thankfully, is where I'm at at the moment.

Northern Monkey
A lovely winner on Friday (Lily In Pink - Newbury - 12/1) and a placed horse from three selections meant a good profit moving into the weekend. Saturday saw another good win (Communicator - Chester - 11/2), but four losers on the same day meant the day finished all square.

A quick note too about Wayne's League 2 football bets, a new aspect to his service-offering he is hoping to develop. All bets are being proofed to the SBC I believe and current NMP members are receiving the selections via separate email. The information received thus far show that there is obviously a huge amount of research going into his selections and his rationale is 'Skeeve-esque' in it's detail. I'm not backing the tips with hard cash - as Wayne himself explained, there is no track record established - but will be following closely, and I wish Wayne every success. Not a bad start with two winners from two on Saturday!

On The Nose
The Judge has been crying out, pleading, and no doubt, offering sacrificial Gooners to the Gods to secure a bit of consistent dry ground. Well, now he has it, he's beginning to knock the winners in with fair regularity. No winner on Friday but a great placed effort to negate a loser and end up a point to the good (Lujeanie - Newmarket - 20/1), and then a top class Saturday. Five bets and two storming winners (Medici Time - Newmarket - 10/1 and Kiz Kulesi - Newmarket - 5/1). As if this wasn't enough, one bet on Sunday, one winner (Mince - Pontefract - 7/2). Fingers crossed the rain stays away a little longer, eh?

The Sportsman Racing
Just the one bet which lost.

Winning Racing Tips
Slowly, slowly, catchee monkee at the moment. Can't quite get the winners but consistently placing for a series of small profits. That was the case on Friday and Saturday with no bet Sunday.

The Market Examiner
This month is still proving to be a bit of a struggle. Just three bets, but none successful.

Football Elite
Cautious start to the new season from Matt, recommending just the one DNB bet which drew, so all level.

A loss making weekend but no real damage done. Luton beating Hyde on Friday evening got the Asian Handicaps off to a good start but profits were pegged back a little with a lower staked losing bet on the Saturday.

One Doubles bet which was a loser, and one of two correct for the Shortlist picks.

Form Lab Lite
Still struggling to gain some real momentum at present. A winner on Friday in Ireland but a loser yesterday in Norway. Was a little fortunate as I only lost a half point on a split staked match as I couldn't get reasonable odds on the other of the two bets. Very quiet and I can't imagine the service will have many weekends from here on with only two bets, and hopefully increased turnover will lead to increased profit-making.

Service X
Quite the weekend. High turnover, high strike rate doesn't really get too much better than this...14 bets, 10 wins, 1 void. The thing with this service is that every weekend there are always two or three bets I don't place because the odds have gone and don't recover sufficiently, but it doesn't really seem to matter when I'm placing so many other bets from them. This weekend, the three I missed all won but on other weekends the ones I've missed have lost so I'm not too cheesed off. How can I be when the profits come in so consistently?

The Sportsman
Just the one bet this weekend, a winner in Scotland. Not going to mention what it was as I believe Scott sees the source of the profits as a potential moneyspinner and could well go in again. Typical of this service to spot a potential angle and then exploit it successfully.

Summer Of Football
What more is there to say? Another superb weekend! Every week I say this run can't continue (and it can't, it can't) and then each weekend, more superlative stats to report. From Friday...7 bets, 6 wins!

It's been noticeable that on a couple of the bets the prices seemed to come under a little more pressure than has been the case previously. It's something that James is well aware of and is observing closely. Still managed to beat the stated odds in the email more times than not though.

Just one small, unsuccessful bet on Friday.

So there we are. A good weekend's punting to follow what had been a decent week preceding it. Can't carry on like this. Never does.

Month to date figures...

Northern Monkey: Staked 31.25pts, -6.118pts, roi -19.57%
On The Nose: Staked 32.75pts, +8.3pts, roi 25.34%
The Sportsman Racing: Staked 3pts, +0.526pts, roi 17.53%
Winning Racing Tips: Staked 6.6pts, -1.483pts, roi -22.48%
The Market Examiner: Staked 22pts, -15.8pts, roi -71.81%
Total roi -0.37%

Football Elite: Staked 1pt, +/- (+/-£), roi 0%, ROC 0%
Summer Of Football: Staked 20pts, +11.073pts,, roi 55.36%, ROC ROC 55.36%
Skeeve (Asians): Staked 7pts, +1.6pts, roi 22.85%
Skeeve (Doubles): Staked 5pts, -5pts, roi -100%
Skeeve (Shortlist): Staked 2pts, -0.2pts, roi -10%
Skeeve Total: Staked 14pts, -3.6pts, roi -25.71%, ROC -4.5%
The Sportsman: Staked 0.5pts, +0.133pts, roi 26.73%, ROC 2.21%
Form Lab Lite: Staked 18pts, -2.675pts, roi -14.86%, ROC -5.35%
Sportyy: Staked 22pts, +9.272pts, roi 42.14%, ROC 11.59%
Service X: Staked 181.2pts, +36.448pts, roi 20.11%, ROC 36.44%
Total roi 20.99%

Grand Total roi: 14.55%

Right, I'm not bitter (well, actually, perhaps just a teeny bit) but is it wrong of me to hope that RVP has a nasty collision with the corner flag necessitating surgical removal from his posterior?

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