Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday night bliss!

Just your typical short and to the point Friday night post tonight. The wife and kids are away, I have the Once Upon A Time In America DVD set to play, Stella in the fridge and a Beef Chop Suey on order. Oh, and a contented smile on my face.

Thursday's Betting

The third good day in a row.

Great day for On The Nose, finding two good winners from four selections made (Common Touch - Newmarket - 9/1 and Saytara - Salisbury - 7/2).

No luck for Northern Monkey (0/2) or The Market Examiner (0/1).

The each way The Sportsman Racing selection came second for a very small loss, and a similar situation for Winning Racing Tips which had an each way double, one horse winning and the other finishing second.

Onto football betting. The one Form Lab Lite bet was a loser, but Service X managed three out of three for a solid profit.

Forgive me for my leaving out the month to date figures tonight. Stomach's rumbling.

Have a great weekend, all. See you the other side.


  1. Hi,

    Great blog. Interested to see you're following Form Lab Lite as I have also been using it for one year on and off. I've noticed that results have tailed off with the last year seeing minimal profit and whilst, if it was a single transparent tipster I could forgive such a run, I can't help but wonder whether the analyst who built up the profits in the first year may have left Form Labs hence the fall in profits. The thing is that there is no transparency around who is actually making each selection so it's not possible to track this. Just wondering what your thoughts were really and interested to know if you are planning to stick with them.

    1. Hi there!

      It's an interesting point you raise about transparency. I'll address the issue in the blog proper later this week because I do think having a relationship with the tipster can help on many levels. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

      Thanks for raising the point. :)


    2. Thanks Rowan, it's Blackjack from the SBC forum by the way, wasn't sure how to create a profile hence posting anonymously.

  2. worries.

    Always good to know who's posting. ;)