Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Making hay on the North Pole.

Feels like a bit of a holiday at the minute, what with the weather playing havoc with the racing fixtures. I'm putting so few bets on I don't know what to do with myself. I need a hobby.

Despite the lack of betting activity, BetVictor appears to believe I pose too much of a threat to their empire. This is the fourth Chandlers account I've had closed now, and to me at least, they do rank right alongside Stan James on the scale of uselessness. When BetFred and even Boylesports make you look shite, then you really are!

I only discovered I had this VC account by accident. No idea why, but I suddenly remembered that about five years ago, I had opened a load of accounts in my wife's name. How I managed to recall the correct password, God only knows! But recall it I did, and after changing the address the account was registered to (I've moved house since the account was opened, it was that long ago!) and using Moneybookers to make a deposit, I was away. To be honest, I didn't really think of account preservation with this one. Knowing the way that BetVictor have dealt with previous accounts of mine, I thought I should just make hay whilst the sun shone. Trouble is, 'BetVictor-land' seems to get about as much sun as does the North Pole in the very deepest, darkest depths of midwinter. Still, it was all good fun for a month and I managed to sneak a few hundred out of them.

On a more serious point, I really am going to have to make a serious effort to educate myself about hidden IP addresses, VPNs and the like. I know Kodagira wrote some very useful articles on the subject for the SBC, and although using technology doesn't come naturally to me, I know I need to learn. Like I say, I had no expectations of this VC account lasting at all, but even in the short time I was able to work it, it lightened the load on other, more valued accounts. Even if for only a short while, this had be a good thing.

Funny though, how you adapt over time. When I had my first account closed, I kinda panicked a wee bit. Then I went through the stage of railing against the miserable gits who refused to lay me a penny on an odds on shot, and now I'm just resigned to losing accounts and working hard to protect the ones that are important to me. Certainly I'm beyond whingeing and grumbling about it.

The bastards.

Before I go, a quick point about James at The Summer Of Football. He needs a darned good kick up the arris, so he does. He can give seven winners from seven bets over the weekend - that's all well and good - but last night's bet on Everton didn't come out too well, did it?!? Not good enough. Must try harder. :)

A small winner for Northern Monkey today (Woolfall Sovereign - Lingfield - 2/1) which was intended as a saver bet for the main selection but having drifted from 5/4 with a BOG bookmaker (VC would you believe - my last bet) it actually provided a profit on the race. Only trouble is we still showed a small loss on the day overall as The Sportsman Racing's pick lost. Still, no real damage done.

When is this weather going to warm up then? Can't be doing with all this snow and stuff...


  1. VC havent stopped me yet,but,have removed the BOG.
    SJ have closed my account.
    PP can get £6 on early prices.
    BOYLE-have to ring in if I require a bet.
    888 reduced to max £25
    B SQ reduced max £10
    Betfred £14,but my TOTE a/c is ok!
    Coral/Hills/B365 are gradually reducing the liabilities week by week.
    Suppose we are doing something right!!

    1. Well, that's certainly one way of looking at it. :)