Monday, 7 January 2013

What a plank!

You know when you have the very best of intentions, and then you go and do something you don't mean to or forget something that results in you not being able to carry out those intentions? No? Perhaps it's just me then.

First Monday of the new blogging year was supposed to be when I posted up the figures. And what do I do? Leave my bloody notebook with all my bets written in it at work. So I don't have details of the winners and losers, and nor do I have yesterday's figures with which to update my spreadsheet. Knock on effect - I can't write my results post.

Sometimes I surprise myself at the levels of stupidity that I reach. Still, forgetting my notebook is not in the same league of stupidity to that which I showed in the kitchen yesterday...

1. Dice onion, causing tears to stream down face.

2. Finely chop red chilli, thus covering fingers with raw spice.

3. Slice garlic, but take chunk out of finger, allowing raw chilli and garlic to enter bloodstream. Think lemon juice in a paper cut.

4. Swear profusely at pain in finger and immediately put chilli/garlic infused finger in mouth to suck blood.

5. Swear profusely as oral senses are afronted by chilli and raw garlic.

6. Caught up in own misery, forget level of pain that is an inevitable outcome of wiping away onion-induced tears from eyes with fingers that have just been through a raw chilli and garlic bath.

Anyway, the new plan is to post up the results tomorrow, and follow it up with normal blog posts on Wednesday and Thursday. That, and to convince the wife she should be the one to do the cooking from this point on.

Still, at least the family didn't notice the blood in their food. Amazing what you can hide with a can of chopped tomatoes.

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