Monday, 28 January 2013

Results Update - Week 4

I think it's going to be a pretty brief update this week with not much by way of commentary with the week's racing decimated by the weather.

I mentioned on Friday that I was a little apprehensive about the weekend. I was anxious that four weeks of building up a decent level of profit wasn't put to waste by a disastrous weekend coming at the end of the month. I'm aware that this is a daft way of thinking, and that in the context of the bigger picture, one weekend's betting performance is neither here nor there. However, I put a little pressure on myself by awarding myself a pay day on the last day of the month by banking any profits I have made. This is my way of drawing a betting 'salary', and it is a little disheartening to see yourself in a good position only for that pay day to be put on hold by just a few bad results. I suppose it is similar to a tipster doing well and then blowing the points profit made at the death, meaning that their monthly table of results doesn't look so good. Of course the tipster has the option of cutting down their tips in such circumstances. I can hardly justify not backing any selections I receive when in this same situation.

Anyway, I came out of the other end of the weekend unscathed and in fact the profitable side of break even, just by £100. So not a spectacular couple of days but at this stage of the month, I was happy enough.

2013 Week 4 - Monday 21st January to Sunday 27th January
Figures in brackets are Month to Date

Northern Monkey
Wayne couldn't really be expected to continue the scorching pace with which he had started the year, and this past week ended up showing a small loss. A saver bet on Tuesday (Woolfall Sovereign - Lingfield - 2/1) paid dividends to produce a small profit, and a placed horse on Saturday at 9/1 shows that NMP is still in very good form.
Staked 6pts, -1.6pts (Staked 24pts, +9.818pts)

On The Nose
The Judge is finding the going heavy still this month. No joy amongst six selections all told.
Staked 5pts, -5pts (Staked 19.75pts, -7.625pts)

The Sportsman Racing
Very quiet. Just two bets, both losers.
Staked 1pt, -1pt (Staked 3.5pts, +0.681pts)

Winning Racing Tips
I mentioned last week what a great month it has been for WRT, starting 2013 very much in the same profitable vein as that enjoyed through 2012. Wednesday was the only day with any action - two bets - one of which got a typical never-say-die refuse-to-be-beaten McCoy ride to provide another fine winner (Ballybogey - Ayr - 10/1).
Staked 0.8pts, +2pts (Staked 7.6pts, +9.634pts)

It's been a poor month for 4PA, but there have been a series of near misses, not least on Saturday. For those interested in racing, all I need to say for you to understand where I'm coming from is Imperial Commander! A poor result in the Thyestes Chase in Ireland on Thursday, plus Saturday's disappointments have meant his has been another losing week for the service.
Staked 7.5pts, -4.5pts (Staked 16.5pts, -11.95pts)

Football Elite
Three winners and one bet returning stakes from six bets over the weekend resulted in a steady if unspectacular profit. I quite like steady if unspectacular. It suits me. Mind you having said that, an roi of almost 30% over a weekend is pretty spectacular when you think about it. Perhaps I do prefer spectacular to steady. I'm all confused...
Staked 6pts, +1.77pts (Staked 12pts, +2.569pts)

The Football Analyst
Not a lot happening here this weekend. Just one E3-E7 bet which returned stakes. Got a 7-22 Home bet this evening. Keep your fingers crossed.
Staked 0.25pts, N/A (Staked 9.5pts, +0.297pts)

Summer Of Football
With ten minutes to go in the Championship games on Saturday, it looked like James was going to be repeating last week's heroics, especially as his two bets on Friday had both been winners. Alas, goals went in at the wrong end and just a small profit registered on the weekend and a tiny loss on the week overall. No complaints though. I'm not going to start whingeing about what might have beens with a service that has had such a strong month.
Staked 6pts, -0.18pts (Staked 22pts, +9.5pts)

One winner and one bet with stakes returned from two for the Asian picks and a great big 'what might have been' with a long price/one point double that very nearly paid off.
Staked 9pts, +3.2pts (Staked 37pts, -8.166pts)

A much quieter week this past week and a profitable one too, thanks in main to a great selection at a pretty decent price (Athletic Bilbao to bt Atletico Madrid - 3.4) given early (on Thursday). Add that to Djokovic to beat Murray in the Aussie Open final, and it's been a decent enough week.
Staked 6.5pts, +4.942pts (Staked 63.4pts, -9.535pts)

The Sportsman
Just the one bet. Just the one winner! Plenty of goals in the Scottish League two match identified as having the potential for many goals. :) Scott proudly pointed out that from the last ten account selections, eight have won and one returned stakes. Not bad at all.
Staked 0.15pts, +0.16pts (Staked 0.45pts, +0.267pts)

On The Oche
Nothing doing.

So, nearly there for another month. Let's hope for no disasters this side of Friday.

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