Monday, 21 January 2013

Results Update - Week 3

Many years ago - well not that many, I was about 11 - my Dad used to take me to Edgeley Park, home of Stockport County, for each home game. In those days they were in Division 4 and played their home matches on Friday evenings in an attempt to draw a crowd from spectators who would otherwise be lost to City or United were the fixtures held on the Saturday afternoon. Now they are in the BlueSquare Conference and seem to have given up on attracting supporters of bigger clubs to the ground. On Saturday, I thought I'd brave the elements and take my lad to the game.

As Stockport is only twenty minutes away, we could leave the house at 2.15 after a hot lunch, get there for 2.45, pay on the gate, and choose where we sat, all for less than twenty quid. Joe's ticket was £3. It was a cracking match, two of the three goals were spectacular, and hot bovril at half time to ward off the cold; it was like going to football in years gone by. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and you know, despite my taking my son to Arsenal games both home and away, I think this was his first real experience of football as I knew it when I was his age. Proper football, free of corporatisation and the feeling of being ripped off. We'll both be going back.

So, on to last week's betting. As you'd expect with the weather being as it has been, bets on the racing have been relatively scarce. What there was made a decent profit, but alas this merely countered the losses made on the sports betting side of the portfolio. Overall, the week showed a small loss (under £100), so perhaps the best way to look at the week is as a consolidation after the previous week's big gains.

2013, Week 3: Monday 14th January - Sunday 20th January
*Figures in brackets are Month to Date

Northern Monkey
London bus syndrome. No maximum bets for ages, and then three come along at once. More importantly, all three have won, the latest being last Tuesday (Atlantis Crossing - Wolverhampton - 4/1). This set up the week for Wayne in terms of profits. No joy from the remaining three selections but good figures nonetheless.
Staked 5.75pts, +4.75pts (Staked 18pts, +11.418pts)

On The Nose
Pretty darned quiet. Only Wednesday and Thursday witnessed any action. No winners amongst five selections all told, although we did get a return on an each way that placed at 12s.
Staked 3pts, -1pt (Staked 14.75pts, -2.625pts)

The Sportsman Racing
Just the one bet from Scott, and a nice winner it was too (Marvelino - Lingfield - 11/8).
Staked 0.5pts, +0.687pts (Staked 2.5pts, +1.681pts)

Winning Racing Tips
Nothing at all. All week.


Football Elite
No success over the weekend with two losing bets from two.
Staked 2pts, -2pts (Staked 6pts, +0.799pts)

The Football Analyst
The title of Graeme's most recent blog post sums things up very well..."Two steps forward, two steps back." This weekend represented the backwards movement to counter last weekends advance. System 7-22 had a raft of selections but after the weather had done it's thing, only three remained. Two losers from these three, and one returned stakes. Two System E3-E7 bets - one loser and one returned stakes.
Staked 2.25pts, -1.5pts (Staked 9.25pts, +0.297pts)

Summer Of Football
What a weekend! James understandably sounded buoyant in the email he sent out to members on Sunday after securing six wins from six bets on the Saturday (and the one selection on the Sunday was a winner too!). Superb tipping in anyone's book and with results going as they did elsewhere, it saved me from the sort of horror weekend I became only too used to through the back end of last year. I'm telling you there is a lot to be said for a warm climate. It obviously benefits James and as I seemed to spend most of my weekend freezing me goolies off, to say I'm envious would be an understatement of mahoosive proportions. Anyway, well done, James. Same again next week? You know it makes sense.
Staked 7pts, +6.69pts (Staked 16pts, +9.68pts)

I have to confess I'm getting worried for Skeeve now. After another two losing bets from two on Saturday (one Asians, one double), my bank for the service is getting too close to comfort to being accounted for. It's funny, but despite this horror season, I don't for one second think that Skeeve has lost his edge. I know for a fact he is working tremendously hard on his selections and that he remains an expert in his field. I just desperately hope that next weekend we will see the beginning of a recovery.
Staked 8pts, -8pts (Staked 28pts, -11.366pts)

A very poor week at the Australian Open for Dani, although on a number of selections, there were points in the match where the result could have swung our way. Just two winners from 12 bets show that they didn't, but I guess that's all part of the game. One winner from two on the Spanish football but a poor week all told.
Staked 19.9pts, -9.377pts (Staked 56.9pts, -14.477pts)

The Sportsman
Well, Scott is keeping bets down to the minimum just at present, but he's making it pay. Like the racing side of the service, just one bet last week but that one was a winning one (on the Corners line in the West Brom/Aston Villa match). Good stuff.
Staked 0.15pts, +0.107pts (Staked 0.3pts, +0.107pts)

On The Oche
Nothing to see here.

The total ROI after Week 3 on the racing is 46.71%. The total ROI on sports betting is 5.47%.

The total ROI across the portfolio is 16.73%, and the total ROC is 6.42%.

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