Thursday, 17 May 2012

"Don't waste your words I don't need anything from you..."

...Stone Roses, I Am The Resurrection.

You know as I was typing my (very) mild mickey-take of Kenny Dalglish last night, the thought did cross my mind that someone might get their knickers in a twist.

They did.


Oh dear,
You are obviously one of "them" who have been conned into thinking that finishing in 3rd or 4th is something to celebrate.

Mind you, Arsenne has you all in his trance.
"look into my eyes supporters, give me a grand a year and dont expect any trophys coz were playing the kids in these poxy english cup competitions. You will be happy having a 3rd place open top bus celebration"

TPI17 May 2012 05:37

Erm...sorry, Mate, but perhaps if you could point me to just one sentence held within the 240 posts this blog has published that makes you draw the conclusion that I think as you suggest...

Mate - get a grip (and a sense of humour). Kenny was an embittered dinosaur who has guided Liverpool to what must be their lowest ebb since being relegated in 1954. Under him, whether LFC fans like it or not, the club has become a laughing stock. In all seriousness, it's sad to see, because they truly are a "great" club in every sense of the word.

Anonymous17 May 2012 09:16

perhaps you should look closer to home before talking about clubs who are a laughing stock. It seems that you must be happy with your 3rd place (Yipee) to criticise another club who have actually won a trophy this year and went to the final in another.
Your club is just a corporate club with no real soul(Highbury Library etc) with a manager whos record couldnt even get close to Kenny Dalglish s.
Perhaps It is time for the King to abdicate but you need to show a little respect to a true great of the game.

Just one point I would like to make before moving on. The "King" didn't "abdicate". He was sacked. Dismissed. Got rid of. Given his marching orders.

For being incompetent.

Now, having had the last word (although no doubt not amongst the 'Comments' section), Blogger seems to be playing up and I want to watch the darts. Betting update tomorrow...


  1. Yes you are in fact correct. sacked for being incompetant. In management it generally happens to them all. its funny that you consider Kenny to be an embittered dinosaur berrefed of personality who wastes money in the transfer market. If you added the word frenchman as an extra adjective, you could have been talking about your own manager.

    You are obviously someone who likes to bite but who doesnt like being bitten back fella.

    You write a good blog mate by the way but like most cockneys you know fuck all about football. Dont cry too much when RVP moves to a club who are trying to win something just like sesc
    nasri clichy Henri etc.

    An interestng analogy to finish. The professor whos students never pass!!!

  2. Mate - I'm about as much a cockney as Fred Dibnah! :)

    Look, we could get into a factual tit-for-tat-my-ckub-is-better-than-yours exchange if we really needed to, but I think that wouldn't serve anyone very well, would it? All I'd say is if Wenger wastes money in the transfer market, the £3.5m we spent on Van Persie compared to the £35m on Carroll looks pretty good from where I'm sitting.

    Not too sure when Kenny led a team to a title without losing a game either.

    Yep, it will be a massive blow if RVP leaves. Let's hope for all our sakes it's not to City. But if he does, he does, and someone else will come in and become another hero. It happened when Henry left, when Bergkamp finished, even when Charlie George left. That's football.

    Sounds like Martinez is being spoken to. Now there's a bloke who I reckon could do a good job. Just what LFC need, I reckon, both with the team and the image portrayed off it.

    Mate, I was not having a go at Liverpool. I respect them as a proper football club. Great fans. Great history. A proper "big" club. But this season, everyone other than LFC fans have watched them and either shaken their heads or laughed. The Suarez thing was a mess and for a club that should be so sensitive to public feeling, they screwed up, and whether you like it or not, Dalglish was largely responsible for that. I can't help thinking that had a lot to do with his sacking.

    PS. as far as Cesc leaving for a winning team...not this season it seems.

  3. Thats ok, il accept your apology on behalf of all Liverpool fans. What you have to realise is that we dont just look at one season. We look at the many years he graced the stadiums here and abroad with his skill as a player,the many trophies delivered as a manager at home and abroad, the exemplary way he handled the Hysel and Hillsborough tragedies with a measure of dignity well outwith the remitt of his job description. Yes the Evra situation was handled poorly but Evra is one right little scroat. Just ask the french coaches or the ground staff where he started a scrap.

    just wait till some spurs knob throws paint on Henrys statue before a derby game and maybe you l understand why my defences are up. Im sure you know the score laaarr.
    King Kenny will never walk alone

  4. LOL! I didn't realise I was apologising!

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