Friday, 23 November 2012

Choosing a lane...and sticking with it.

That's better. I don't do being ill. I'm too much of a wuz.

I want to clarify something I wrote in Tuesday's post in relation to whether or not someone with a portfolio set up in the way that mine is, needed to speculate at all on relatively unproven services. The services I mentioned specifically were Skeeve's Shortlist Picks, Winning Racing Systems, Northern Monkey's all weather system bets, and The Football Analyst European systems.

My standpoint is this: the answer is no, there is no need to speculate. What I should have added though is that I am not sorry that I have done so.

At the beginning of the football season, I remember writing that whatever systems from The Football Analyst's portfolio people chose to follow, my advice was to stick with them for the season. The reason for my stance is that when what are now the "Established" UK systems were launched, I chose my lane, and then changed it at various times of the first season. The result of such inconsistency was a profit that although healthy, was nowhere near as healthy as they would have been had I just stuck to my initial course. So that is precisely what I intend to do this season.

Where I have been helped tremendously with my TFA choices this year, is by Graeme Dand (the service maestro) working out an appropriate staking plan. Having spotted that historically, European System E3-E7 produced more bets than the UK System 7-22 that I was going to be following through the 2012/13 season, Graeme pointed me in the direction of a staking plan designed to prevent a disproportionate percentage of my staking being deployed on a european system which, unlike it's UK equivalent, had et to be tested within a live environment. It is because of this that I'm very comfortable with my TFA portfolio and won't be shifting from it unless, like any other service, I lose the bank dedicated to it. I'm as certain as I can be that this won't happen.

I feel the same about the Winning Racing Systems (Favourites) system. It has been a very inauspicious start for Paul Ruffy's new offering, and which this week reached a drawdown touching on 50% of the bank, but having made the decision to follow - a decision based on sound principles - I fully intend to stick with it. Wayne of Northern Monkey pulled his aw system bets himself and thus took any decision to be made out of my hands, and it was the tone of Skeeve's email last Sunday that has led to my decision to call a halt to the Shortlist picks.

So, it's largely, "as you were", moving into the weekend's action. Let's hope it's a good'un.

Tuesday's - Thursday's Betting

A small loss on Tuesday as the horses proved mildly profitable. Winning Racing Systems (Favourites) found a winner (First Fandango - Fakenham - 4/5), the Winning Racing Tips selection placed and losers for On The Nose (0/1) and The Market Examiner (0/1).

Just one bet on the football, courtesy of The Football Analyst (7/22), which unfortunately was a loser.

A small profit on Wednesday. A nice winner for Northern Monkey (York Glory - Lingfield - 6/1) from two bets, and another winner for Winning Racing Systems (Favs) (Mutual Regard - Kempton - 8/11). No joy for The Market Examiner (0/1) or Winning Racing Tips (0/1).

The Sportsman caught the losing football tipster virus (0/1).

And finally, yesterday and a good profit on a day at last! Winning Racing Tips came up with a lovely winner (The Mumper - Market Rasen - 8/1), and the third consecutive success for Winning Racing Systems (Favs) (Changing Times - Market Rasen - 5/6). Two placed efforts at 8/1 and 6/1 for Northern Monkey but no luck for The Market Examiner (0/1).

Whey Hey! A profit - albeit a very small one - on the footie, Service X hitting two from three.

And that's yer lot. Strangely for a Friday night, I don't really fancy a beer. I don't know if I've told you...I hate being sick.

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