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October 2012

So another month goes by. It was a strange one, all told. I know it is daft that we measure performance on a monthly basis, but even so, I couldn't help but allow myself a little smirk yesterday as in a month in which I've never been ahead, the last day proved a stormer. Winning bets from On The Nose, The Sportsman Racing, Sportyy, Football Elite, Form Lab Lite, Service X, and The Football Analyst meant that I ended the month a few hundred quid up. The total profit is modest, but there were times in October that I was a fair way into negative territory, so to be honest, any profit at all feels like an achievement.

Sportyy has to take huge credit for the past month's performance. I think I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but my experience with Sportyy has proved to be informative. My joining in early summer coincided with a poor run of results that led to me being quite some way down with the tennis expert. Now, I'm quite some way up and am taking advantage of the rewards that patience has brought. Anyway, hats off to Dani for a superb month.

Credit too to Northern Monkey and On The Nose. Excellent months, both, and each service does now appear to be putting a very tricky first half to the year behind it.

My final October profit and loss balance sheet would have looked healthier had I not added the Winning Racing Systems (Favourites) to the portfolio. But, remembering the lesson I was referring to when talking about Sportyy, I'm very confident that this was simply a case of Sod's Law kicking in. If I'm counting correctly, the service has also embarked upon a winnnig run which currently stands at five, so hopefully losses will be recouped through November.

A bigger contributing factor than the underperformance of Winning Racing Systems to the fact that this has been a tough month is the relatively poor performance of the two big football services, Football Elite and Skeeve. Can't say I'm at all concerned. I'll just be pleased when the profits come, and I've a suspicion that when they start, they might just arrive in a flood of winning bets. The drawdown on each is insignificant anyway and I have a feeling in my bones that a splendid weekend or two for each is not too far away. The only aspect of Skeeve's service that I would like to see pick up now are the Shortlist picks which have provided little joy so far this season.

I was surprised to read on Graeme's blog that The Football Analyst System 7/22 was on it's biggest drawdown for quite some time. I don't for one moment doubt the veracity of Graeme's ststement, but it's been the least hurtful biggest drawdown ever! I really can't say I've noticed a poor run, but there we go. Sure, I do expect the profit-making to pick up a bit more impetus over the next few months as the season progresses, but I certainly don't feel as if I'm on or have been on some horrible losing run, which is kinda how I look at "worst drawdowns" ever. I guess that's the advantage of utilising the asian handicaps as I do with this service.

Nice to see The Sportsman and The Sportsman Racing put in a really good month. I think Scott may have taken a bit of grief after a relatively poor month in September, which personally speaking I believe is strange to say the very least, bearing in mind the long term, medium term, and even short term performance levels recorded.

Let's hope that November is a stormer for us all.

Here are the end of month figures. You need to remember that my figures have been affected slightly by my being on holiday for a week, during which time there were some bets I simply didn't place. I think I placed every football bet bar one TFA (E3-E7) bet which would have returned stakes anyway.

Please note that the ytd figures (below the month's figures for each service) run from 1st August, my first day of the 'Betting' football year...

Northern Monkey: Staked 22pts, +11.984pts, roi 54.47%
Staked 109.025pts, +15.851pts, roi 14.53%, ROC 15.85%

On The Nose: Staked 38pts, +10.094pts, roi 26.56%
Staked 95.5pts, +20.413pts, roi 21.37%, ROC 20.41%

The Sportsman Racing: Staked 3.5pts, +1.332pts, roi 38.07%
Staked 11pts, +0.052pts, roi 0.47%, ROC 0.17%

Winning Racing Tips: Staked 6.6pts, -0.001pts, roi -0.001%
Staked 24.5pts, +11.191pts, roi 45.67%, ROC 37.3%

Winning Racing Systems (Favourites): Staked 36pts, -6.978pts, roi -19.38%
Staked 44pts, -4.87pts, roi -11.06%, ROC -16.23%

The Market Examiner: N/A

Total for October (Racing) roi 5.92%
Total for year (Racing): roi 14.46%

Football Elite: Staked 12pts, -2.046pts, roi -17.05%
Staked 19pts, -2.312pts, roi -12.16%, ROC -9.24%

The Football Analyst (7/22): Staked 8.5pts, -2.04pts, roi -24%
Staked 14pts, +0.892pts, roi 6.37%

The Football Analyst (E3-E7): Staked 2.25pts, +0.019pts, roi 0.87%
Staked 2.25pts, +0.019pts, roi 0.84%

The Football Analyst (Total): Staked 10.75pts, -2.02pts, roi -18.79%
Staked 16.25pts, +0.911pts, roi 5.6%, ROC 4.55%

Summer Of Football: Staked 37pts, -2.072pts, roi -5.6%
Staked 99pts, +16.855pts, roi 17.02%, ROC 67.54%

Skeeve (Asians): Staked 34pts, -0.215pts, roi -0.63%
Staked 97pts, -7.275pts, roi -7.5%

Skeeve (Doubles): Staked 15pts, -15pts, roi -100%
Staked 51pts, -3.65pts, roi -7.15%

Skeeve (Shortlist): Staked 6pts, -2.03pts, roi -33.83%
Staked 21pts, -11.403pts, roi -54.3%

Skeeve Total: Staked 55pts, -17.245pts, roi -31.35%
Staked 169pts, -25.029pts, roi -14.81%, ROC -31.28%

The Sportsman: Staked 0.8pts, +0.243pts, roi 30.37%
Staked 3.05pts, -0.145pts, roi -4.75%, ROC -2.41%

Form Lab Lite: Staked 70pts, +3.37pts, roi 4.81%
Staked 146pts, -14.59pts, roi -9.99%, ROC -29.18%

Sportyy: Staked 63.5pts, +30.555pts, roi 48.11%
Staked 167.5pts, +58.369pts, roi 34.84%, ROC 72.96%

Service X: Staked 216pts, +10.334pts, roi 4.78%
Staked 753pts, +53.597pts, roi 7.11%, ROC 53.59%

On The Oche: Staked 15.5pts, -0.035pts, roi -0.22%
Staked 23.9pts, +0.73pts, roi 3.05%, ROC 2.08%

Total for October (Sports) roi 1.32%
Total for year (Sports) roi 4.45%

Grand total for October roi 2.28%
Grand total for year roi 6.51%

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