Thursday, 29 November 2012

Quick update

Still busy, I'm afraid. However, just enough time for a quick update.

Before that though, a point in the direction of a new website run by the powers that be behind the excellent High Class Equine blog.

This month of all months, the psychology of gambling has been very much in focus. This site contains numerous articles dedicated to the subject. Take a look.

Tuesday's Betting

A poor loser for Winning Racing Systems (Favs), the second consecutive bet at odds lower that 1/2 to be overturned. I've some thoughts on this service and how I'm going to move forward with it which I'll go into early next week.

A nice winner for the European arm of The Football Analyst (E3-E7) (Mainz to bt Frankfurt - 2.5) which went a little way to counter the loss of a point on the domestic (7/22) system.

Wednesday's Betting

A familiar winner for Northern Monkey (York Glory - Wolverhampton - 7/4) with a second selection proving not quite up to the task.

A loser each for The Football Analyst (7/22) and (E3-E7), and two unsuccessful selections from Summer Of Football, which did find one winner (Stoke to bt Newcastle - 2.0). At last a nice winner from Football Elite (Tottenham to bt Liverpool - 2.47), although I always find it difficult to raise too much enthusiasm for a Spurs win! Still, no room for such baseless sentiments in betting, eh?

So all in all, the football is just showing some early, fragile signs of recovery. Let's hope that from this small acorn of hope does a mighty oak of profit rise.

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