Tuesday, 18 January 2011

From bad to better.

I made a mistake today. Actually, I made two. The first was using my lunch break at work to watch the 1.00 at Southwell as I had been tipped Josear by On The Nose. It ran appallingly and my dough was done. It was the watching of the race that was the error. I should have done what I usually do during the week...simply place the bets and check the results when I get home. I've already told you how I find Saturday afternoons in front of the telly difficult to cope with (I do often find myself wondering just how many coronaries Jeff Stelling is responsible for each week and how much the NHS would save if Soccer Saturday was banned; more than smoking, I'd suggest!).

Well, of course, I had a taste for it then. The afternoon passed agonisingly slowly and as soon as 5.30 struck, I was feverishly trying to log into the Racing Post app on my Iphone to see how I had done. Shouldn't have bothered. Loser after loser meant I was staring a pretty poor day in the face. Still, there was the football to come this evening.

As evening came, the bug returned and held me in it's slimy grip! First I watched Sky Sports Special for news of the goals as they happened. Grimsby, a big bet for me tonight, were a goal down inside five minutes. Other teams I'd backed were conceding and it looked like my title for tonight's post was to be "Black Tuesday" or some other doom-laden heading. "GRIMsby" was favourite.

I couldn't settle. Upstairs and on to the PC I went, seeking a live commentary of the Grimsby game. I can't believe I actually found one (!), and just in time to hear my team (for the night) equalise too. Knowing my actions were nothing short of ridiculous and that usually I'd be watching something decent on the telly or reading a book to pass the time whilst the games were in process, I forced myself back downstairs and into the living room. I attempted conversation with my wife, but she understandably grew irritated as the symptoms of my fever began to show. Constantly checking the "Livescores" app on my 'phone and pressing the "refresh" key resulted in a banishment from the room.

Back to Sky Sports to watch as Grimsby go 2-1 up and hold on, Hearts come from behind to win away, and don't you just know it, I'd ended up with a pretty decent return on the day. All that stress and for what?

NOTE TO SELF: don't watch the racing at lunchtime - it really isn't worth the hassle! Bet, work, check. That's my motto for tomorrow.

What was the second mistake? Backing Chasemaster's Lerida tip each way instead of win only. It finished a head second. I should have known all would be well in the end when that happened, shouldn't I?

Today's Action

The ironic thing in light of above is that Black Coffee won the last race at Wolverhampton today for ProBandit (7/2) but the result hadn't come through on the Racing Post app when I was checking it. This result countered ProBandit's earlier tips which both lost and created an overall 0.9pts profit for the service today. Northern Monkey Punter had their only tip placed for a very small return (Incomparable, 10/1, Wolves), as did Winning Racing Tips (Basford Bob, 8/1, Southwell). They were the only highlights as Pricewise Extra (-1pt), PJA Racing (-2.75pts), On The Nose (-1pt) and Chasemaster (-0.7pts) all failed to meet their responsibilities.

Grimsby, as I have mentioned, was a good winner for me tonight. Strike Zone had them amongst two winning selections, and Football Investor also had them as their one and only tip this evening. My mate who carries the X did what the majority of my racing tipsters failed to do today - had a decent time of it - and so further profit was made with his help.

Tuesday 18th January: Staked £637, +£119.61.
Week to date: Staked £721, +£58.61.
Month to date: Staked £9,423.50, +£694.69, roi 7.37%.


This is no criticism, but Chasemaster has a few idiosyncrasies. The service is run I believe, by three mates who perhaps are advancing in their years. They are obviously knowledgable, have good connections, are diligent in their selection processes and eager to please. And mainly, they do. There is the odd time though, that the way they present their selections is a touch eccentric and I wouldn't say that the way they send their emails through is a system run with German-like efficiency. For instance, today's missive hit my in box just ten minutes before the off for the race in which the first two selections were running, hence my haste and mistaken each way backing of a horse tipped win only. The advised price had vanished as I leapt into action, not due to weight of service-followers money, but because the horse was being well backed on course! And I'll never forget the time when a pick (a winner at a fancy price) was not emailed through in time because someone was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack (not one of the tipsters, I must add!) and the guy who sends the emails put that person's welfare before that of my pocket! Some people, huh? Still, it keeps life interesting, and I would say that Chasemaster is possibly the only service I feel "fond" of.

PS. Late post tomorrow night as I'll be watching the Arsenal, especially if it goes to extra time!

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