Monday, 24 January 2011

The search begins...

What have all these services in common?...AH Betting, Big Mike Betting, CD Systems ProBets, Dazzler, Each Way Value, Football Betting Data, Horse Betting Index, Intelligent Betting, Maths Betting, On The Oche, Personal Info, Pricewise Extra, Punter Profits, Scottish Football Bets, Steve Lewis Hamilton, Tipping Legends, and The Form Analyst.

I am rather embarassed to tell you the answer, which is that they are all services that at some point or other, I have been a member of. How many is that again? Seventeen? Blimey.

I would say, hand on heart, that of those services listed there are only two that I have dropped as a result of poor performance. Of the others, there have been numerous reasons for not paying subs fees when they came up for renewal. It is essential that lessons are learnt from the inevitable mistakes that are made when it comes to choosing which services to follow.

(As an aside, in the case of The Form Analyst, tips stopped being issued about four months after I joined, but subscribing to this service in the first place has proven to be the best punting decision I have ever made, but that is a story for another time.)

Examining that list, I can see at least five services I would seriously consider rejoining (if they'd have me back!). I would rule out the others because it became apparent after joining that for some reason or other, the service simply wasn't for me. That is quite distinct from saying the services were no good.

So what have the reasons been for discontinuing a service? If I can make a definitive list, then I should be able to learn from it and avoid the same pitfalls. After all, if I repeat a mistake that I have previously made, I deserve not to do well!

In the past there have, with the services listed, been the following issues which led me to the decision to drop a particular service; excessive cost, style of betting, requisite staking, likelihood of losing runs (and the correct mindset that is necessary when following a service that plays at long odds), general lack of betting action, difficulties in the placing of bets quickly and at the required time, and relative difficulty of receiving the selections in the first place.

So, looking at that list, I need a service that represents good value, suits my style of betting and my own psychology as a gambler, allows me to stake reasonable amounts - ie. not huge stakes, provides regular betting action that I can execute easily, and a service that will either email or text me their selections so I can pick them up on my 'phone when out and about. Not asking for too much, is it?

Starting from tomorrow I plan to analyse each of these factors a little more deeply, giving real life examples of each point considered where relevant. Hopefully this will then start to make a little clearer which service has the potential to be the next addition to the portfolio.

Today's Action

Very quiet day. Only Northern Monkey Punter and ProBandit providing selections, NMP unsuccessfully (-1.25pts) and ProBandit successfully, giving Chilli Green (Kempton - 11/4) and making a 0.9pt profit. The only other bet was an unsuccessful punt on the corners line in tonight's Bolton/Chelsea game, The Sportsman dropping 0.15pts as a result.

Monday 24th January: Staked £120, -£14.
Week to date: Staked £120, -£14.
Month to date: Staked £12,386, +£455.34, roi 3.67%.

Will be late tomorrow - watching the footie!

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