Sunday, 16 January 2011

A sad end...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a tad frustrated. After a week of steady accumulation of profits, so much good work has been undone by the outcomes of just three football matches today.

This is the way it goes sometimes, and I could easily write platitudes about how the long term performance is what matters and how this is the nature of the game we're playing. I could point to the fact that the week has been a profitable one and remark that if that was the case every week, I would be a happy man indeed. I could also truthfully claim that the overall profit figure for the month so far is a solid one and that is more important that any single day's performance. All this of course, is true, and although I am not in any way despondent, I am irritated.

I have had much worse losing days and not been so irked. If today had come after a week which was showing heavy losses, I would have signed resignedly and moved on. But tonight, my irksomeness (sic.) knows no bounds. I have the hump!

Today's Action

Solid day, racing-wise. Like yesterday, more services underperformed than is ideal - Pricewise Extra 1pt loss, PJA Racing 0.75pts loss, Northern Monkey Punter 1pt loss, Chasemaster 0.5pt loss - and didn't secure a return between them. On The Nose however was my hero. Two single winners (Galaxy Rock at 7/2 and Beautiful Sound at 5/2) were welcome, but the service also suggested a series of doubles and a treble with another horse. Although the third selection was a loser, there was one nice winning double and a very healthy 8.6pts profit. The month this service is having is incredible - it is currently running at an roi of 143%! This is unsustainable of course, but I'm happy to ride the wave for the moment.

To the football. Football Elite is at the opposite end of the success scale to On The Nose this month. One winner from eleven selections since the 1st of January represents a serious downturn in form for a service that has a winning selection strike rate above 50% and which last month enjoyed a run of eight consecutive winners. Am I worried about them? - not even a tiny bit. I am merely annoyed by the fact that such unusual underperformance is eating significantly into my overall portfolio performance; two more losers from FE today. Sports Investor's only selection gave back a point of yesterday's gains, The Sportsman had a very small losing bet, as did Football Investor with their selection of Spurs to beat Man Utd. Six football bets today and not a winner anywhere amongst them.

Sunday 16th January: Staked £578.50, -£298.50.
Week 1: Staked £3,054.50, +£108.87.
Month to date: Staked £8,702.50, +£636.08, roi 7.3%.

Sports Investor

Like Winning Racing Tips, which I discussed on Friday, Sports Investor is a long-term member of the SBC 'Hall of Fame'. Over that time it has been the epitomy of the steady, non-volatile tipping service. Playing the handicaps in certain matches in the English Premier League and Spain's La Liga, it enjoys a high strike rate and a steady 10-12% roi, and has done for years. There are not too many selections, averaging three to four each weekend. At times, this is a service that really tests the patience. There are inevitable losing runs, and it can take some while to regain losses due to the low number of bets and the odds played at. However, regain them they always have, and if you look at a performance graph showing the long term trend, the line is pleasingly smooth. A poor first half of this season, I am hoping that the second half provides a return to form.

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