Saturday, 29 January 2011

Last minute penalties...

It's going to be difficult on Saturdays (and possibly Sundays) to provide much in the way of thoughts or opinions. The amount of betting that tends to take place at the weekends, plus the fact that I'm often somewhere other than at home, means that really I'm likely to have time only for a quick round up. The pattern I might fall into is simply going through the betting action on a Saturday/Sunday night, and then commenting properly on the Monday, giving my thoughts on the weekend just gone. I hope that's ok...

Today's Action

I still have a bet running in the Deportivo/Sevilla game in Spain that didn't actually kick off until 9.00 pm. The outcome of this bet will determine whether I make a profit or loss on the day, so I will post the final figures for the day after the full time whistle has gone in this game.

Racing-wise, I managed to turn a very small profit. PJA NH was once again the heaviest staked racing service today, but it also produced the biggest profit despite three of four selections finishing unplaced. The one winner however (Master D'Or - Uttoxeter - 8/1) was enough to return a 3.65pt profit. The only other service to finish in positive figures was (again) On The Nose, which had one winner from three (the misspelt Wishfull Thinking - Cheltenham - 11/2) for a 2.4pt profit. The Sportsman Racing also had a winner but at odds of 1/2 (Kingsfort - Lingfield), you would hope so! They also had a loser so a 0.5pt loss there, and Northern Monkey Punter had one winner from three (Blue Moon - Lingfield - 11/2) but as it dead heated for first place, winnings were halved and an overall 0.7pt loss resulted. Drawing blanks today were 4PA (-2pts), and ProBandit (-0.5pts).

On to the footie. Scoring winners were Football Investor with two from five right and a 1.9pt profit, and Strike Zone with a perfect one from one and a 1.2pt profit. Skeeve's main service made a tiny loss but when combined with the two losing 'Late Service' selections it actually lost a total of 6.8pts. Football Elite had one from two but as the best price I could get on the winner (Lorient) was 10/11, a small 0.9pt loss has to be recorded. My mate the X-Factor was going swimmingly at one point but the swing resulting from Carlisle's last minute penalty equaliser against Oldham meant a loss of 1.85pts today instead of what would have been a nice profit. Those Coral traders ought to have been braver!

The only unrecorded results then are from the brand, spanking new Shaolin Betting, making it's debut for me today. So far two out of two, although as I type I believe Sevilla are a goal down (boo!). Let's hope for a revival!

So there we have it. I'll post up the end of day figures after the match. Laters.

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