Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Up, down, up, down...

Erm...I'm not in any fit state to be blogging tonight, not after that game! I have a sore throat, and it's not from man-flu.

Just one thing though. If you haven't already, read Alan's comment left after last night's post. Succinct, straight to the point, and deadly accurate. That's not a bad combination.

Today's Action

One day good, next day bad. There seems to be a pattern emerging over the last few days.

PJA had a good day picking one winner (Hand Theprizeover - 8/1 - Leicester) and three more placed from six selections. Other than that though, it was doom and gloom. Northen Monkey Punter, On The Nose, Winning Racing Tips and Chasemaster all failed to provide anything other than total losses on their investments, and ProBandit found a couple to place amongst other losers.

PJA NH: Staked 4.75pts, +2.982pts.
Northern Monkey Punter: Staked 0.5pts, -0.5pts.
On The Nose: Staked 2pts, -2pts.
ProBandit: Staked 2.25pts, -1.088pts.
Winning Racing Tips: Staked 0.8pts, -0.8pts.
Chasemaster: Staked 0.125pts, -0.125pts.
Financial loss on the racing of £89.37.

Football Elite had a bet today - Sampdoria. They lost.

Football Elite: Staked 1pt, -1pt.
Football loss on the football of £100.

Wednesday 16th February: Staked £405.50, -£189.37.
Week to date: Staked £1,243, -£191.51.
Month to date: Staked £9,906.50, -£465.22, roi -4.69%.

So, sorry for the short post. I'm off to bed to dream of being Jack Wilshere.


  1. Hi TPI

    A breath of fresh air this blog in an area I've long been interested and involved in.

    I too have a portfolio of tipping services to which I subscribe, some of which, unsurprsingly, overlap with your subscriptions. Though the weightings I apply to each vary somewhat.

    Going back to one of your earlier posts I too have had the same problem as yourself in finding enough time to place all the bets, all the time with the worry that if I take a day/week off then I might miss out on a golden period of tipping.

    I've addressed this in some ways by sharing the load with another similar investor so that we end up placing bets for each other, to our own plus the their required stake across all shared services. This has led to a reduction of nearly 30% in the number of bets each of us are having to place. We also have an arrangement where if one of us wants to go away or a day or two the other will take care of all business.

    I wonder if this is an arrangement you, or any other readers, would be interested in getting involved with to further lighten the load.

    It would also open up the possibilty of creating a portfolio of portfolios for the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

    Keep up the great blog work


  2. Hi Jon,

    That is a very interesting concept. I think you're very lucky in that you have someone you can trust implicitly to do this.

    As far as myself is concerned, thankyou for the offer but my wife seems to be grasping exactly what needs to be done (as I knew she would; as I said in a previous post, she's brighter than me, I think!). Also, the fact that she was very surprised that I asked for her help in the first place probably tells you that I am the sort of chap who likes to feel completely in control of everything himself - "anal" is the word she used!

    The idea could have potential though so if any other reader is interested then please contact Jon. I'll sort out the best way to do this shortly.