Saturday, 26 February 2011

Would you Adam and Eve it?

Not inclined to do anything other than a report tonight. It's late, and it been a bad day. All the promise of a recovery this week that would end in a month that provides semi-decent profit has fallen by the wayside. Oh dear!

Today's Action

Seventeen bets on the racing today. Winners...none. Only Chasemaster produced any sort of profit with their one each way selection finishing third. 4PA found one placed amongst three, as did On The Nose. All the others - PJA NH, Northern Monkey Punter, and ProBandit - couldn't find a return between them.

4PA: Staked 3pts, -1.875pts.
PJA NH: Staked 3.5pts, -3.5pts.
Northern Monkey Punter: Staked 2.25pts, -2.25pts.
On The Nose: Staked 3.5pts, -2.4pts.
ProBandit: Staked 2.25pts, -2.25pts.
Chasemaster: Staked 0.5pts, +0.188pts.
Financial loss on the racing of £295.50.

The football was no better. Skeeve did best of all, his poor return with the main service being rescued by three out of three 'Late Service' selections winning. Still an overall small loss though at the odds I was able to secure. Football Investor managed one out of eight, Shaolin Betting one from three, Strike Zone got three from five but still lost. Also lost a point following my mate's suggestions. The Sportsman got one from two for a very, very small profit (£1.90 to be precise!).

Skeeve: Staked 28pts, -0.58pts.
Football Investor: Staked 8pts, -2.5pts.
Shaolin Betting: Staked 3pts, -0.98pts.
Strike Zone: Staked 5pts, -0.41pts.
The Sportsman: Staked 0.5pts, +0.01pts.
Financial loss on the football of £264.70.

Saturday 26th February: Staked £1,440, -£560.20.
Week to date: Staked £3,645.50, +£151.94.
Month to date: Staked £16,077, -£61.33, roi -0.38%.

What can you say?


  1. I've come over to your blog today to drown my sorrows... If you'd been with Equine Investments and Mr Gekko Bets you would probably have been crying over on my blog too! lol

    Tough month, tough period. Theoretically things should improve, but statistically there are no guarantees!

    Onwards and upward, let's hope for better!


  2. Hi Rowan

    Just a quick observation, but looking at your month to date totals:
    (Month to date: Staked £16,077, -£61.33, roi -0.38%)
    I would say that, Yes you have not made a profit but you also have not made a big loss and I suppose that bank preservation is the highest priority with making profits a close second.


  3. Blimey mate, not a good day at the office.

    Great blog though and I am enjoying reading it, chin up as they say.

    What i have found and this is a bit strange but Saturday is by far my worst day for punting and I am very lucky to come away with a profit when punting on a Saturday.

  4. Alan The Soon 2be Winner27 February 2011 at 00:23

    Ive got a real good feeling in my bones about March and april Rowan.

    I think the drying ground is going to mean all off the last 2 months 2nds, are gonna turn into firsts.
    Believe it or not ive decided to give Pro bandit one more month because he is so due a decent month it has to be soon!
    Confidence is the key pal, if you expect to win, YOU WILL WIN. Ha Ha
    All the Best

  5. Hi Chaps,

    First of all, thankyou all for posting. Did my negativity come through a little last night? (LOL!).

    Don't worry, I'm not the self-pitying type and I've woken up this morning just as eager as ever to take on those bookies. My corner has wiped the blood from my nose, given a pep-talk, and I'm ready for another round (nod to Mark's 'Quote of the Week', there.)

    Kodagira - I have visions of us sharing a bottle of strong bourbon, sitting at the 'Bar of Cheesed Off Gamblers'. It's late, the rain is pouring outside, and we're (and many others) are staring into the bottom of the glass. You're right, there are no guarantees, but I can't think that all the tipsters we use between us are suddenly useless. I agree, onwards and upwards.

    Mark, a very valid point. It's not so much the total that was disappointing though, more the manner of giving yourself a chance of making a fine recovery to see it be dashed in just one afternoon. That though is the nature of the game, and ultimately, you're spot on about bank preservation.

    Neil - pleased you're enjoying the blog. My two worst days in this mediocre month have been Saturdays, but I've also had some exceptionally good Saturdays in the past. I guess there is so much action that it is the one day that makes a huge swing in either direction a stronger possibility than other days of the week. Overdue a good one, though.

    Alan - loving the 'Soon 2be Winner' strapline! Hope you're right about March and April. March has got Cheltenham of course, so I imagine it's going to be a busy month. You're right about confidence, and in the cold light of day, am I confident that the majority of the services we follow will make decent profit over the long term? I'll quote that Direct Line dog..."Oh, yes!".

  6. Hi Rowan,

    Sorry for the sub-par Saturday (well, compared to the others...), I worked as hard as always, but unfortunately I'm not the one being on the pitch and conceding two to depleted Blue Square Premier strugglers while on a budget of a League One team.

    Btw Sports Investor actually saved the day yesterday (is this the first time I've said it this season? Probably), but I'm sure you already know that, so I'll stop rubbing it in and make myself a cup of tea. And if all of today's bets turn out to be losing ones, well, save some bourbon for me.


  7. Hi Skeeve,

    Nothing for you to aplogise for. Your contribution to the deficit yesterday was negligible and I think if I had got slightly better prices on the 'Late BSS' picks (which simply due to circumstances, I couldn't - but that's not your fault), I may have come out completely level. Besides, after your efforts this year, you're probably allowed a dodgy weekend or two! :)

    I'm not blaming any of the tipsters yesterday. It's just unfortunate that everything fell apart at the same time. Just one of those things at the end of a frustrating month.

    Thanks for bringing my attention to the fact that Sports Investor had a blinder! (LOL). I wasn't aware until you said...where's that Bourbon?


    PS. I have an issue that may affect Sports Investor, albeit with another service. I'll probably post a blog on it on Monday as the end of the month is probably a good time to act, if I decide I need to.

  8. Thanx Rowan,

    Looking forward to reading about the 'issue'. Looks like today's going to be a much better day with Matt (FE) continuing with his latest good run and the first of two Shaolin bets winning thanx to a 90th minute penalty.