Friday, 26 August 2011


Couldn't post last night as too involved with the tennis. With the US Open starting on Monday, that could be the way of it for the next couple of weeks. I'll stick up the portfolio results as often as I can.

Friday's Betting

Minor loss all told. With many racecourses being hit by heavy rain, I feared the worst. Still, could always be hit badly today instead I guess.

On The Nose has been in a class all of it's own this month (good bloody job too, really, otherwise I'd be in a right mess!) and another couple of points were gathered with a nice winner over in Ireland (The Bull Hayes - Killarney - 8/1).

ProBandit had just the one bet, and it was a good'un (Deliberation - Hamilton - 13/8).

A small amount of profit was eked out by Northern Monkey as they found a winner (Colonel Mak - Ffos Las - 11/2 but badly affected by a R.4) and one to place (Hong Kong Island - Hamilton - 10/1) from their three tips.

No luck for The Market Examiner (0/1), Winning Racing Tips (0/1) or PJA NH (0/2).

Friday 26th August: Staked £215, -£32.30.
Month to date: Staked £6,106, -£108.79, roi -1.78%.
Running total (inc. fees): -£417.59, roi -3.12%.

Good luck over the weekend, chaps.


  1. Hi Mate

    Avid follower of your Blog, have just started one of my own, would appreciate a link exchange


  2. pretty woeful stuff all round. Dont know how much longer i am going to give pro bandit pretty tired of the service going nowhere and it is still in the sbc hall of fame hard to believe.

  3. Hi Neil - no probs and good luck with it.

    Anon - I've put down some thoughts in tonight's post.