Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Warning - multi-tasking being attempted!

And I can't, not being a woman. So no post tonight other than this.

Trying to keep one eye on trading the tennis, and two ears on Mad Jim White on Sky.

I also have a confession to make. I was contacted by a friend of mine last night who had spotted quite a discrepancy in his figures with a particular service and mine. After a quick look I thought my figures were ok, but on a proper look today, he was right and I was out. Further investigation shows I might have messed up on two or three days, which isn't very clever, so a full audit is being undertaken.

Of course I blame the wife - she really should be able to multi-task. I know full well it won't be her fault, but that's not what I'll be telling her.

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  1. hello Rowan , great blog .

    i just started one myself called please come and check it out .

    any ideas as to why i could not copy and paste some stats from the old massey site would be welcome if you have time ?