Monday, 9 April 2012

My hand is forced.

A few posts ago I wrote that if I found my bookmaker restrictions becoming harder to get around, then I would have to reduce my betting turnover on horses sooner than is ideal. The original plan was to allow subscription periods to expire and then not rejoin the relevant service, thus phasing out some services over a smooth transitional period. However, I'm now finding it harder and harder to get bets on, and after this morning's experience, I feel that I am left with little choice other than to act now.

I must say that I have been taken a little by surprise by the speed at which the bookmakers have collectively made life tougher over the last couple of weeks or so. As recently as six or seven weeks ago I was finding myself sailing along quite merrily in terms of getting on. Now I'm finding it really difficult. Boylesports (I know, I know) restricted me this morning, the first time with this account. To be fair to this ill-reputed Irish bookmaking firm, this account has been fully operative for seven months now and there hasn't previously been even a hint of a restriction.

I need to tread very carefully though, because I really do not want to give up on betting on horses completely. I have gone into the reasons for this in previous posts and so readers will know that it is with an eye on the future that I now feel compelled to act and so ease the immediate pressure on my accounts. The hope is that by doing so, I will extend the life of these accounts which in turn will allow me to have a portfolio that has at least a reasonable part made up of horse racing services.

In the meantime I will continue to search for longer term solutions. The Market Examiner is utilising BetButler and after one or two teething problems it appears to be settling down into being a potentially useful service. The mindset has to change so that BOG is no longer an expectation, and it must also be accepted that the best price in the market will not always be secured. I will also need to overcome my naturally cautious nature when it comes to trusting such an organisation with my money. I'm sure they are completely trustworthy, but the only way my confidence will increase is by there being a longer period of time where they are producing the goods. I'm certainly not there yet.

Other bookmaking avenues will be explored that will take into consideration those companies that claim to be old-fashioned, personalised - almost bespoke - bookmakers, perhaps operating on credit terms. The disadvantages are that such firms tend not to operate online so bets must be telephoned in which isn't always practical, but every possible way to get a bet on will be examined and assessed.

Perhaps I should just give up work so that I can set up proxy servers and utilise pseudo accounts. Or perhaps not.

Another decision that I've had to make is to ditch 4PA, which bearing in mind I only renewed my membership last month, is a real pain in the 'arris. The difficulties in getting on is the predominant reason, but the fact that today's second - Out Now - produced a small profit on the day to officially recorded prices and yet I'm showing a half point loss due to being able to secure just 16/1 (25/1 was the official price) tells me really that it has become a service that is not right for my circumstances. It's a shame. I've made great money with it in the past. But to carry on as I am doing is just kidding myself that I can make it work. Don't be at all surprised to see it have a marvellous Aintree though!

So tomorrow, in some ways, seems to be like a new start. I am leaving my staking levels as they are until the end of the season with the various football services followed. Ramping up the staking levels at this stage makes little sense. Over the summer though, I will be implementing changes in this respect, all ready to go when the new season starts in August.

I shall try to post later this week but I can't guarantee it. I've simply got a lot on but I'm also anticipating a fairly quiet time of it over the next couple of days anyway, at least until Aintree starts. Mind you, with no 4PA, and with concentrating only on the more heavily staked Northern Monkey selections, even that might be quiet. I suppose this will be the way of things now. Better get used to it.


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  2. Thankyou, Jason. Much appreciated and have mentioned it in tonight's post. :)

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