Monday, 23 April 2012

Not a lot going on...

...and that says it all.

I'm not shirking my blogging responsibilities. Honest.

No. It's simply that there is not a lot to blog about at present. There is a lot going on behind the scenes though. Ideas being formulated, strategies being identified and if I'm quite honest, I'm excited by it all. I'm beginning to see a direction in which the portfolio can move. A future that provides potential for growth and which will not be restricted by a lack of willingness within the High Street bookmaking fraternity to lay a bet.

So don't worry if posts are few and far between for a little while. It will get busy again soon enough. I'm sure of that.


  1. hi Rowan ,are you still trading ? or you just trade tennis grand slam..... by the way what about tennis service in your portfolio ?or you fancy horse racing, footy and darts :)

  2. Hi Fabian,

    I've not been involved with the trading very much at all recently, simply because the matches have generally been taking place during the hours that I'm at work. I always knew this was going to be the case of course, but it's just a case of waiting until we get a few evening games again.

    I am keeping an eye on Sportyy who provide tennis tips, but have no immediate plans to join. I shall keep watching them though and see how they continue to develop.

    So, just for the moment, yep - looks like horses, mainly football, and a bit of darts.

    Cheers now,