Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lazy git!

That is what I am.

You see the problem with weekends is that I usually have a kids' football team to manage in the morning, a trip to Stockport County or to a mate's house to watch the racing in the afternoon (and from this week coming a cricket match to ache and groan through), then a curry and a film with the kids in the evening. Then we're into Sunday when it's athletics club for the little blighters in the morning, perhaps a good footie match in the afternoon on the telly or if not a walk out to the woods or somewhere before home for a good Sunday dinner. After that lot, it's all I can do to collapse in front of Real Madrid or Barcelona in the evening. Now, just when are you supposed to blog amongst that lot, eh?

"Ah, yes", I hear you say. "But what about yesterday. A Monday?"

True, it was a Monday, but before you get all smart with me I was off yesterday looking after the kids who don't go back to school until today. My wife though; she did go back to work yesterday so someone had to take the day off. Either that or lock the little bastards in the shed, which even to me sounds a little harsh.

So there you go. Those are my excuses.

I will write a catch up post very soon but not tonight. Arsenal vs Everton you know.

Speak soon. Promise.

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