Saturday, 6 April 2013


Sorry, Folks. No post yesterday. With Skeeve releasing his bets later in the evening I was bullied into watching a film with the kids (Brave is very good if you haven't seen it) with pizza and beer. Well, the kids didn't have beer. That wouldn't be responsible parenting. Not with Joe having a big cup game for the U10s this morning. I told him, if he didn't have a game in the morning I would quite happily have seen him sink a few. Good for team bonding. I'm not Fabio Capello you know.

Anyway, the film led to a fascinating documentary on the Rolling Stones and before I knew it, it was gone 11.00 and I was pooped. That's the medical term for 'knackered'. Either way, pooped or knackered, I was beyond posting blogs.

I will catch up. I have written a big post. It will be on here shortly (Monday?). Stick with me.

Up the Arsenal!

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