Monday, 1 April 2013

Lots to get through this week.

Well this is better, isn't it? If a political party wanted to put in it's manifesto for the next election that four day working weeks were guaranteed and that it would be made illegal for employers to reduce pay pro rata, then I for one would vote for it. It's got to be the way forward. Cameron/Clegg/Milliband - get it sorted!

Just think of the benefits. There'd be more time for precious sleep, and, erm, more time for sleep and that. More sleep would mean improved efficiency levels at work meaning increased output. The wheels of industry would begin to turn that little more quickly, salespeople and business men and women would approach the task of selling their product with renewed vim and vigour, leading to increased levels of exports. The value of the pound would therefore rise and before we knew it, Britain would be challenging India and China as the emerging global economic power, attracting external overseas investment which in turn would allow money to be spent on improving the road and rail infrastructure. This would increase output capacity for our rejuvenated manufacturing industry, leading to more sales, more exports, more inward investment, etc in an ever increasing circle of economic output. Hell, the government would be so enriched it could cut taxes, reintroduce child benefit, and play hard ball with slackers with no ambition to ever get a job. They could reintroduce national service for anyone unemployed for two years with no valid excuse. The numbers in our armed forces would swell and discipline would become a national characteristic as a cherry on top of a cake of reduced unemployment. Britain could and would be great again!

And all achieved by cutting the working week to four days. Think it through. You know it makes sense.

Anyway, I have digressed. My plan this week is to write up a quick round up of the weekend's betting tomorrow, write a review for March on Wednesday, and then there are a couple of posts I want to produce later in the week which relate to planning for the near future of the portfolio. Stay tuned.

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