Thursday, 4 April 2013

Review for March 2013 - Sports

I always feel as if Aintree passes me by a little. It's rather too close to Cheltenham to justify taking another couple of days off work and yet there is still a Morning Line, and there's still top class NH racing on, and I still like potato cakes for breakfast. As my wife works in a school, she is currently at home. Apparently she is going to watch, not because she has an interest in horse racing as a sport, but simply because she can. There are times when life is not very fair at all.


Right, on to the review of the performance of the Sports services through March.

The most lucrative in terms of bottom line cash profit was Skeeve, and you've no idea how pleased I am to be saying that after the testing first half to the season we subscribers endured. 2013 is going rather well and if looking at results over the course of the season, those losses that accrued prior to Christmas have been more or less wiped out. How much profit, if any, will be made by season end we will have to wait and see, but I'd rather be fighting from this position and not the one Skeeve found himself in in December. All credit to him for staying focused, refusing to panic, and using his experience to get back on track.

It was the Skeeve's Doubles that came up with most of the goods (+21.252pts at an roi of 66.41%), despite being thwarted by postponements throughout the month. The Skeeve's Asians bets washed their face (+0.192pts at an roi of 0.74%) but didn't add too much to the profits. I'm going to experiment a little in April, in terms of when I place the Asians bets. It may pay off, it may not, but it's worth a go I think. I'll keep you posted.
Staked 58pts, +21.444pts, roi 36.97%
(ytd: Staked 133pts, +39.979pts, roi 30.05%, ROC 39.97%)

It's been fascinating watching Football Elite's new approach start to take shape. More bets, relatively longer odds, and fewer DNBs. The 'more bets' bit is particularly relevant, but more on this tomorrow. I like it. The service feels a little fresher, and I could be wrong but I wouldn't be surprised if Matt isn't a little happier adopting this approach as he doesn't have to agonise so much over what should make the 'Official Bet' list. This is pure guesswork from me; it's just a feeling I get. Either way, it's been a good month for FE. Playing at longer odds, I think we have to ready ourselves for some blowout weekends. They're bound to happen, but the good weekends now have the potential to be very good.
Staked 15pts, +3.45pts, roi 23%
(ytd: Staked 42pts, +2.342pts, roi 5.57%, ROC 4.68%

Another very impressive month for The Football Analyst. I feel slightly in limbo with TFA at the moment, and somewhat torn psychologically. There will undoubtedly be a change in the way I utilise the various systems next season, and to be honest I'm really looking forward to that, but at the same time I have a deep affinity to System 7-22 which has done so well for me. It's a bit like raising kids and then seeing them fly the nest. 7-22 will always be my baby (well, Graeme's actually, but you know where I'm coming from) and I've no doubt that in years ahead, I'll be sitting on the verandah (when I have one) sipping Jack Daniels and staring somewhat wistfully towards the setting sun, reminiscing to the wife (providing I've forgiven her for watching Aintree when I couldn't!) about 7-22. There will be many, "Ah, those were the days..." and, "Do you remember when good old 7-22 came up with Arsenal to beat Chelsea at 7/2 at Stamford Bridge and that Dutch traitor with the prematurely greying hair scored a hat trick to bring home the bacon?".

Actually, in March it was the European System E3-E7 that came to the fore (+2.075pts at an roi of 83% (!)) and that was good to see. Of course 7-22 didn't let me down (+0.984pts at an roi of 10.93%) as it never does. Where's the JD?
Staked 11.5pts, +3.059pts, roi 26.6%
(ytd: Staked 36.25pts, +9.056pts, roi 24.98%, ROC 45.28%)

A decent month for On The Oche too. It has been very much a case of a steady accumulation of unspectacular pieces of profit each week on the Premier League that together has added up to a more than respectable amount. I can understand the reticence at the weekend to place at risk a large chunk of that meticulously accumulated profit in one day's betting, but the strategy paid off with a small amount to add the month's pot. As mentioned at the time, it could have been a sizeable addition, but it was not to be. Still, if every service produced this amount of profit every month, I'd be a happy man. It might not have been spectacular, but who cares about that? Bottom line is what it is all about.
Staked 8.1pts, +1.741pts, roi 21.5%
(ytd: Staked 19.683pts, +6.117pts, roi 31.07%, ROC 17.47%)

I was ultimately a little disappointed with how the month ended for Sportyy. At one point it was on for a bit of a stormer but it all rather tailed off towards the end. It's fair to say that the first quarter of 2013 has been disappointing but the fact that the month ended in profit hopefully signifies a change in fortune.
Staked 60pts, +3.38pts, 5.63%
(ytd: Staked 172.4pts, -21.371pts, roi -12.39%, -26.71%)

Another fairly quiet but solid month for The Sportsman who had a couple of bets return stakes so with a shade more luck it could have been a very strong March. Never mind. It will come.
Staked 0.45pts, +0.09pts, roi 20%
(ytd: Staked 1.35pts, +0.207pts, roi 15.33%, ROC 5.17%)

Finally, I think we'll draw a line under March for Summer Of Football and put it down to one of those things. James has already set off on the path to building profits back up again.
Staked 26pts, -7.889pts, roi -30.34%
(ytd: Staked 72pts, +3.098pts, roi 4.3%, ROC 8.85%)

The ROI for the sports portfolio over the month of March was 10.83%.

So there we are. A good month. 'Nuff said.

Wednesday 3rd April
Pretty quiet.

One bet ( a loser) from Northern Monkey, and that was it.

Northern Monkey: Staked 1pt, -1pt.

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