Thursday, 18 April 2013

Summer Holidays!

Firstly, my apologies for the recent lack of posts. I intend to use this post to explain why that has been the case and to outline my thoughts on the blog moving forward.

I have decided to draw a line under the blog, but only for the summer. I'll be back blogging when the non-league football season of 2013/14 starts in August. To be honest, I was going to bring about a temporary halt in a couple of weeks or so anyway, but with certain things happening at work that very much require my attention, it is common sense to stop now. I have previously mentioned on the blog that this could be a big year, bringing about significant changes. It would appear that those things are beginning to happen now and in the short term, the blog has to become less of a priority.

Thinking about things, this will be a pattern that I will try and follow every year. The longer summer evenings seem to be much fuller than those in the dark depths of winter. I know I took a bit of a break from blogging a couple of summers ago, just so that I could play cricket, tennis and spend time with the kids during their holidays.

Bearing in mind that I've talked recently about a rationalisation of the portfolio, necessitated by the increasing difficulties I'm experiencing in getting my bets on horse racing now, it may be a more slimline portfolio that I will be blogging about come the autumn. Like I said the other day, I see (and am working towards) a future whereby each of the services I currently follow has a part to play. The result of a recent change in personal circumstances is an intermediate period during which I simply can't back horses as I would choose to, nor place bets from as many services as I would like. I hope that those running the services affected will not think me flaky and will happily reopen the doors to their expertise when the time is right. Believe me, when that time arrives, I'll be needing to utilise and exploit their skills, so fingers crossed I don't piss anyone off!

My regret is that the stability I talked so wistfully about just the other day now seems as far away as ever. I guess I always knew that this next year or so was always going to make reaching the desired level of stability a tough task, and so it has proved. It will come though, I'm sure.

When the blog does start up again, after a long and gloriously hot summer that awaits (pfft - fat chance!), I do want to make it a little more professional. I will perhaps change the modus operandi to one that involves posting just two or three times each week. That way, readers will know exactly when they will be able to read about the latest performance figures for each service, and when we can explore a relevant betting topic in some depth. Let's see what happens, but what I would appreciate is some feedback in terms of what you would like to see. That could be topics to discuss, the way performance figures are recorded, anything at all. Stick it in the Comments section where I'll be sure to see it.

Finally, if anyone is interested, the weekend gone was essentially break even, the month to date in deficit but not acutely so, and the year to date doing alright.

Right, that's it until mid-August. Have a great summer, and may it be a scorcher!


  1. I think with this amount of holidays you're going for a career change and becoming an MP.

  2. Hey, always enjoy reading your blog. As someone new to the game, it's very informative and helpful. When you resume I would like to see some discussion around specific topics that are relevant to the game - stuff like, what is the most effective staking plan, variance on different sports etc

    Also, I've been meaning to ask you - I'm looking for a good football guy to follow (I mainly do horses)and was wondering if you could recommend one to me. I have a bankroll of 2k and have the time to place bets immediately so confident that I can get prices as soon as. Hope you can help. thanks and have a good summer.

  3. Thanks for all the time and effort that you've put into this blog Rowan. It's been really interesting reading about your trials and tribulations over the past number of months.

    Enjoy your well-earned blog-holiday, and I look forward to your return in August.