Sunday, 14 October 2012

Another rotten Saturday.

Many aplologies for the lack of a blog post on Friday. It had been a long day. I was on the M6 at 6.30 in the morning and I didn't get back home until just after 7.00 in the evening. My work commitments played havoc with my betting, as I shall explain.

I'm lucky in that my wife works four days a week. Her day away from work is the Friday, so I had arranged with her that I would telephone my bets in at lunchtime when I knew I would have a few minutes. Trouble is, I was taken by surprise by Winning Racing Systems (Favs) having a selection running in the 12.00 at Bath. 12.00!?! What sort of time is that to start a meeting? If it was December, then maybe. But October...?

I managed to pull into a service station off the A50 at about 11.55. No 3G on the mobile though, so I rang home. No answer! No bloody answer! The horse won at 5/4. Helen called me at 12.05. "Had I called?", she asked, all sweetness and innocence.

Anyway, WRS (Favs) had two other bets which did carry my cash, and both won. Still can't help ruing the one that got away though.

The other service affected by my day out was On The Oche. Not sure what happened here though. I think in my eagerness to 'phone my bets home, I simply missed the fact that there were three bets given in the email. I only backed the one - the only one of the three that won. Heh!

On a serious note though, I am acutely conscious of misrepresenting a service's results here on the blog. It's all very well for me to record my WRS (Favs) results here, but the official results should read better due to my missing a winner. The way I look at it though, is that I'm a working bloke with a family. There are going to be times when this sort of thing happens, so at least in that respect, my figures are those that should be attainable by any old Average Joe.

In the meantime, another very poor Saturday has knocked me back. It's the pattern of things this month. More on this perhaps tomorrow, when I'll also post up the latest figures.

Until then.

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