Thursday, 18 October 2012


Last blog post before I disappear for a week. This time tomorrow, I'll likely be sitting on a beach on the South West coast, freezing my wot nots off as the kids run around in shorts oblivious to the icy wind blowing in off the English Channel. I'm getting old. I know it. Mustn't forget to pack a spare blanket.

Now I know that you'll all be reading this and thinking, by 'eck, what on earth are we going to do for our daily TPI fix? And I can understand your concern. There aren't many places you can go to for such erudite blatherings and witticisms guaranteed to make you chortle. I know, I know, mine is a rare talent.

But worry ye not. If you're an SBC member, you can read the first part of an incredibly insightful and quite frankly brilliant interview! If you're not an SBC member, then ask yourself this question: what is an extra dosage of The Portfolio Investor worth to me, in stark financial terms, in the context of there being no blog posts for the next week? I think you'll find the price of an annual membership much less than the figure that will spring to mind when searching for an answer. Oh, yes.

In the meantime chaps, I'm off. The intention is to place all the footie bets, but as far as the racing goes, I'm not going to stress. If I happen to be around the laptop when the bets come through, I'll stick the money on but if I'm not, well so be it. The shrewd amongst you will already be mentally promising yourselves to up stakes on any racing services you follow that I follow too. You know it makes sense. Let's face it, you can't beat the Law of Sod, so if I were you, I'd not so much join it as embrace it, cherish it, and laugh as it's full demonic force hits me squarely between the eyes.

Wednesday's betting

Someone left a comment yesterday saying that On The Oche was more like On The Ouch. I could see where they were coming from - two winners from 15 bets. What I would say is that each bet was carrying small stakes. But it is typical of what is happening this month in that a horrible day for a service is preventing any profits from being made.

Yet again, my skin was saved by Sportyy who hit two from two. I can't help thinking that this winning streak has to end soon.

As far as the nags are concerned, one Winning Racing Systems (favourites) bet produced the goods (Marford Missile - Kempton - 4/6), but the profits were lost again by an unsuccessful Winning Racing Tips each way double.

All told, a break even day.

Winning Racing Systems: Staked 1pt, +0.666pts.
On The Nose: Staked 1.5pts, -1.5pts.

Service X: Staked 10pts, -1.778pts.
Sportyy: Staked 3.5pts, 5.71pts.
On The Oche: Staked 3pts, -2.14pts.

Right. Good food, great pubs, fine ale and freezing winds, here I come. Now, where did I put those thermal undies...?

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  1. Cheers for the name check mate :) , enjoy your break - hope it's not too cold and miserable brrrrrr.