Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Very quiet.

What with racing meetings being cancelled because of the weather, and domestic football leagues throughout Europe pausing so that World Cup qualifiers can be played, betting turnover is taking a big hit. It's a shame, because this month has been decent so far without reaching the heights it would need to, to be labelled 'bumper'. Of course this is thinking based from the perspective that the gambling glass is half full. Were it half empty, I'd be saying that the lack of turnover means I'm not risking giving profits back and therefore this quiet spell is helping to protect the money made so far. I'd like to think I'm a half full kind of guy.

Talking of international breaks...does anyone really give a fig about international football nowadays? I heard Phil Neville say on Radio 5 last night that understandably, players would rather play for Manchester United against Real Madrid in the Bernebea ten times from ten against the alternative of playing for England versus San Marino (he was talking about Rio Ferdinand's decision last week). Is it just me, or compared to league football, are international games not really dull, poor quality and instantly forgettable. I like the World Cup finals - they're ace, especially when hosted in a "proper" footballing country like Germany or Brazil, and the European Championship Finals have been watchable although UEFA are buggering around with this by diluting the next tournament with extra participants. Generally speaking though, international football = crap. Bring back the proper stuff.

Monday 25th March
Just the one bet, from Sportyy. A loser.

Sportyy: Staked 2pts, -2pts.

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