Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The best laid plans...

I mentioned yesterday that I was pleased that I'd been able to get myself into the position where I could do some experimenting this summer. Something I identified last year was that the summer months, with no football betting and the consequent decline in turnover and lower levels of diversity within the "active" potfolio, was a weakness that left me vulnerable at this time of year. I was also concerned that with fewer racing services being followed this summer than last, the level of vulnerability had gone up a notch or two.

Looking back at last month's performance, I'm grateful that I took some action. Had it been left to the racing services alone, last month's performance would have been poor indeed. As it was, an ok level of profit from the various summer football/sports services meant that the losses were very well controlled.

Of course the very best plans are sometimes affected for the worse by events that are completely out of our hands. Take my joining Sportyy, for example. As a tennis expert and as a service with a relatively high number of selections, I thought the summer months would provide plenty of action and this service alone would boost levels of turnover significantly. Alas not.

Not long after subscribing, the brains behind the thus far highly impressive service announced a short holiday, but that my subs period would be extended appropriately. Fair enough. At the end of last week, and after a fairly subdued start to Wimbledon in terms of number of bets struck, another email arrived saying that due to personal reasons, there would be a period of inactivity. Again, my subs period would be extended.

Now please don't get hold of the wrong end of the stick here. This is no criticism of Sportyy in any way at all. Tipsters aren't immune from the need to go on holiday or from the various issues and challenges that life will quite happily throw at anyone. This isn't a moan. No. It's just an axample of how, no matter how much we plan things, we sometimes have to simply shrug our shoulders and get on with it. Take things as they come a little more, perhaps, instead of worrying about things we have no control over.

Tell myself all of this often enough, I might just end up starting to believe it.

Tuesday's Betting

Again, it was very quiet yesterday.

A very small win bet for Northern Monkey which ended up drifting violently in the market before running no sort of race at all. No joy either for On The Nose (0/1) or The Market Examiner (0/1).

And that was it.


  1. Hi Rowan,

    I've just spent the last 3 days reading your blog (and A Punters Year!), absolutely fascinating stuff, please please do keep it up.

    I've been ill and off work rather than skiving which has given me a chance to read it.

    I'm just reworking my portfolio and considering what would be best for me this season as I feel I went about it all wrong last season, but I wasn't taking it very seriously then.
    I've learnt a lot through my mistakes and your thoughts with regards to cost of services, correlation, receive times, time management, psychology and more have been of great use.

    One of the services I'm looking at using is Cassini's 'XX Draw system' but use it for unders bets as the ride seems to be a lot smoother and more profitable.

    I was wondering if you had had a look at this service yourself?



  2. Hi rowan i know you have been doing this for a while could i ask your advice on something.

    I am struggling with my staking for example i have two services that i play 80 pound per point. The problem is one service has a staking plan of half a point per selection and the other service has a selection on average of about 1.5 per point. So i am having 40 per point on the first service selections and 120 pound on the second services selections this does not seem correct or does it balance itself out in the long term.

  3. Hey RT,

    With comments like that, you're welcome around these parts any time! :) Glad you enjoyed.

    I do read Cassini's blog but to be brutally honest, I've never really considered following his system(s). He seems a bright chap though - perhaps I should start to sit up and take a little more notice.

    Personally, the smoother the ride the better. I'd even forgo a little profit for a more comfortable ride.

    Good luck if you get involved and let us know how you get on.

    All the best now,