Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Golf betting

As most of you are aware I'm sure, The Open starts tomorrow. I used to really enjoy a flutter on the golf. Before I got into gambling properly, I'd often strike a couple of bets on the US Tour tournaments, and then settle down to watch on Sky on the Sunday evening, and not just in the majors. I found it tremendously relaxing - calm, non-sensationalist commentary, beautiful sun-drenched courses, the sound of birds filling the air.

Mrs TPI got into it too, to such an extent that I remember one year she booked holidays from work so that she could veg all day in front of the telly whilst the Ryder Cup was on.

Keith Elliott's 'Golf Form Book' was my guide. The 'Nappy' factor, course form, improved performances in players turning 30 or 40. It was fun picking out my selections, and I don't mind admitting, I found the odd fancy-priced winner.

Now though, I have no interest in gambling on golf. Which is a shame. I've seen some useful golf tipsters come and seemingly go again. I think the SBC had the golf tipsters on 'Sportinglife' in their Hall of Fame at one point. I believe Keith Elliott is still going in terms of a tipping service, and the chap in the SBC forum seems to know what he's doing. My problem is that I can't be doing with the massively long losing runs, and as far as having a fun bet is concerned...well, I just can't strike up the enthusiasm. I put so many bloody bets on every day, placing another is a real chore. Daft, I know.

Anyway, if you are having a bet or three on The Open, best of luck. Could make for an exciting Sunday afternoon with a bit of luck.

Tuesday's Betting

A mildly profitable day.

Nice to see Northern Monkey find another two to run well and two winners from two bets (Mingun Bell - Southwell - 5/2 and Spirit Of The Law - Yarmouth - 4/1). Both were subject to Rule 4 deductions, but a decent return nonetheless (and better was to come tonight).

The one On The Nose selection finished just out of the frame, and no success for The Market Examiner (0/2).

Football provided profit, with Service X finding two winners from two, but tennis didn't, with Sportyy continuing to struggle (0/3).


  1. You really should give golf betting a go - yeah the losing runs can be poor but the ROI can be much better than all other sports - plus by adding another sport you will actually improve your "profile" with bookmakers as an "all rounder"

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean, Ian, and good point re. the bookies. Good luck for The Open, if you've got a couple going for you.

  2. hi m8. i know what u mean with losing runs and golf and ive done the same,but i couldent help myself this week
    ive bet 20 pounds total on a few and laid tiger for a fiver at 10
    if im in with a shout saturday night i will tell u who to cheer for.. if tigers ten clear im staying in the pub :}

    1. Don't blame you for getting involved. Good luck and let me know how you're going at the weekend.