Friday, 13 July 2012


Really short of time this evening, but to be honest, the less I dwell on what was a horrible day yesterday, the better.

Thursday's Betting

Let's keep this short.

Northern Monkey (0/3), On The Nose (0/3), Sportyy (0/3). The only small return on one of Service X's two bets.

Usual results-only posts over the weekend then back properly on Monday. Let's hope things pick up over the weekend.


  1. like you i am having an awful time of it services such as on the nose have been awful fed up with the whole thing do not know where to go from here

  2. Yeah, OTN are having a proper rough patch alright. I've just resubscribed, so that shows my faith, but like with any service, if I experience a drawdown equal to the size of my bank, then I have a rule that I stop following. By my reckoning I'm about two thirds there.

    Using this rule, the decision to stop following any service is taken out og your hands somewhat. Psychologically at least. I know there's a horrible voice in your head that keeps telling you that as soon as you give up on a service, then the winners will flow and you'll miss out. By having a hard and fast rule relating to drawdowns and your bank, you can make a decision devoid of emotion.

    Don't know if that helps at all?