Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The sun is shining on the Summer of Football.

Sorry about last night, chaps. Any readers of the blog from this time last year will know that I don't tend to get much time in the evenings during the midsummer months. I try and take the kids out on their bikes each evening through their summer holidays, the garden needs attention and there's good darts on the telly (plus the Olympics from the weekend). You know how it is.

Anyway, I mentioned over the weekend that I'd throw some thoughts out about Summer of Football.

When I read the initial SBC review, there were a couple of things that immediately appealed. I'm pleased to say that all the things that attracted me to the service in that review, have turned out to be the real plus points of the service, so it's all working out nicely at the moment (and says something about the accuracy of the review, too!).

Now before I go on, let's point out that I'm writing this in the midst of a pretty spectacular month to date. You can see the figures from yesterday's post, but anyone running at an roi of c.34% over 33 bets is likely to be getting plaudits, and rightly so. What I would say though, is that the impression I've gained over the last few months is that here is a service built on very solid foundations.

So what were the aspects to the service outlined by the SBC that so appealed and which have turned out to be an accurate portrayal of the service?

1. Easily achievable odds.
Absolutely. I would suggest that 90%+ of the time, I get odds better than those quoted in the email. I know James quotes the Bet365 odds (a bookmaker who won't lay me £1.50) but on almost every selection, equal or better odds are available elswhere. Of course this is something that could change as SOF gains in popularity and member numbers increase, so an eye will need to be kept on this, but at the moment, 10/10 for ease of odds availability.

Summer turnover.
My portfolio needed balancing during the summer months. Last year I suffered from a lack of diversity as all the football services I subscribed to shut down for the close season, leaving me only with racing. This made me vulnerable to the vagaries of variance which whilst an everpresent threat, represents a bigger danger when there are relatively few eggs in the basket. 33 bets in July to date show that SoF has contributed greatly to plugging this gap.

c. Steady returns.
Although at the time of the review the long term roi for SoF was around the 7% marker - possibly a little on the low side for some - the increased turnover and actual amount of points profit made was attractive (12 month ROC at that stage was 120%). It appeared from the review that here was a service that whilst perhaps not likely to reach levels of returns that could be described as spectacular, would contribute steadily and often. Every squad needs it's members who you will know will do a job for you. Take Ray Parlour in the 'Invincibles' squad of a few years back (*pause for a moment to reflect, remember, and sigh wistfully*) - he couldn't do what Thierry Henry or Robert Pires could do, but he always did a job and a highly effective one at that! This isn't damning SoF with faint praise. Not at all. It is in fact a huge compliment. And having said all this, you know how I'd describe July's performance to date? Yep. Spectacular.

Stick these three things together, and you have the makings of a sound addition to the portfolio. I'm happy to say that so far, I have had no regrets from my decision to join. As I've mentioned before, the summer was essentially a trial period for the sports services I joined but at this rate, SoF will have a longer term role to play. And I could have said that before this month's purple patch.

Monday's Betting

Very quiet after the weekend's fireworks.

The Winning Racing Tips bet finished placed for a tiny loss. No joy for The Market Examiner (0/1).

On The Oche had a solitary bet at the World Matchplay which was a loser. Didn't really get the opportunity to go into detail about Sunday's OTO performance, but great tip in Michael van Gerwen to beat the fancied Simon Whitlock (5/2). Of course the pro tipster/punter would say it was a great tip regardless of the result provided the selection represented real value at the price secured, but you all know what I mean.


  1. Hi

    I've only recently stumbled upon your blog, but find it refreshingly different (I'm sure you've heard that before). It's also well-written and well-balanced. Importantly though, it shows the type of character needed to work your way through the good times as well as enjoying the good ones.

    I also have a blog but it's not as matured as yours. I've added you to my blogroll.

    I've recently joined SBC, and am pleased that I have done so as they have a great deal of worthwhile content on there. It looks like you have probably got more out of SBC than many of it's members with your well thought-out strategy.

    Well done and continued good luck to you.

  2. You old flaterer, you. :)

    Let me know where your blog is and I'll stick up a link and have a good read of it myself.



  3. Thanks Rowan.

    My blog is at: http://footytradingposts.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Ah, yours was the comment that originally went into 'Spam'. Sorry, I didn't make the link (no pun!).

      I'll get a link to the blog sorted for you.

  4. Rowan,

    thansk for the kind words. Not sure I like being ray Parlour but I'll take any form of compliment!

    Hopefully we can repeat the July performance in August...

    1. Hey, there's nowt wrong with the Romford Pele!:)

      Seriously though - great month and well done. I haven't done the proper review for July as yet (lack of time being the enemy), but I will get around to it and I think it's likely SoF will figure fairly prominently!