Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Some clarification

I was sent an email the other day asking how I was going to follow all the football services I've mentioned recently, once the main European leagues and all the UK leagues start up again in a few weeks time. As they pointed out, I was going be placing a huge number of bets if following so many services.

It struck me that perhaps I hadn't clarified my position properly. The football services I'm following at this very moment in time are essentially on a trial period that covers the summer period. This policy has been aimed at achieving two clear objectives.

1. To provide the quieter summer months with increased turnover; and

2. To spot potential for a service to become a permanent fixture in the portfolio, based on issues of practicality and ease of following.

The services that fall into this category are Summer Of Football, Form Lab Lite, Sportyy and the mysterious Service X. What I am pleased about is that I've been able to manoeuvre myself into the position where I could run these trials this summer. I'm hoping that these three summer months will prove to be highly informative and provide options in the future, when if things go according to plan, the time will come when expansion is the right thing to do.

With this context provided, you can see I'm still working towards finalising the make up of the football/sports side of the portfolio for when the new season starts. Nothing is set in stone at this stage, other than Skeeve, Football Elite, and The Sportsman. I'm still not at all sure what strategy I'll be utilising with The Football Analyst systems for Season 2012/13. It's all a work in progress.

I have discussed at length in earlier posts how the portfolio is, as time goes on, going to be increasingly weighted towards football and sports betting and less towards horse racing (and this process has already started of course, as we've seen over the last two or three months). This isn't necessarily signified though through following a lot more sports services; it's more likely to be represented by heavier overall staking. One question I haven't answered for myself yet is whether I'm better following more services with lower stakes (due to the wider spread) or fewer services with higher stakes. Portfolio theory suggests the investor is better with numerous smaller bets/trades, a pattern that reduces the effects of variance. The thing is of course, is that subs fees have to be accounted for, and therefore it is easy to fall into the trap of not staking enough on some services because of spreading the betting bank too thinly. I'd be interested on the point of views of others on this matter, so don't be shy...you know where the 'Comments' box is. :)

Talking of which, an interesting comment was left underneath yesterday's post that raised a few subjects that deserve deeper coverage. I'll start on that shortly, I think.

Monday's Betting

Very, very quiet yesterday. Just two (losing) bets, a small one from Winning Racing Tips and one from Form Lab Lite.

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