Saturday, 21 July 2012


Friday's Betting

I've got to admit, I found Friday a touch demoralizing. After a week of unspectacular but steady gains, which will do for me, to see all the profit handed back to the bookmakers in just one, horrible day, was a bit much.

Northern Monkey and The Market Examiner were the only two racing services to play and both had identical records (0/4).

The real culprit in financial terms though was Sportyy. Five losing bets proved expensive. I've not timed my joining Sportyy well. I had been waiting and waiting through the winter to join at the beginning of June with the thought that it would provide the portfolio with some impetus in terms of turnover over the quieter summer months. I'm not saying that I shouldn't have joined - the service has a fine longer term track record - but to get off to a poor start is frustrating.

Form Lab Lite joined in the carnage with two unsuccessful bets from two. The only service to pull it's weight was Service X which found two winners from three bets, including the silky Brazilians to beat Stewart Pearce's cloggers -1 on the Asian Handicap. On the evidence of that match, Team GB need to improve a touch (massively) to hold any thoughts of winning gold.

Talking of the Olympics, I've got to say I'm getting (slightly) excited about them now. I'm a cynical old git when it comes to these things, but I resolved that I would make some attempt at enthusiasm for the kids' sake. Tell yourself something is true often enough, and you end up believing it. It's like that with the Olympics...I've told myself so many times that I will enjoy it, I think I actually might.

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